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Sporadic updated links to mainly free computer graphics or game related tutorials and resources.


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ChatGPT - ChatGPT 3.5 (free)
How To Google Like A Pro - Top 10 Google Search Tips & Tricks - Epic Tutorials, 6 min
How to Search in Google: 31 Advanced Google Search Tips - Blog
Google Search operators - Google Help
The Citation Compass - Citation rules according to APA 7th ed.


Digital Content Creation Apps (DCC)

Maya Bonus Tools - For Maya 2020-2024, download
Maya Offline Help - For Maya 2016-2024, download
Blender - Free and open source 3D creation suite, download
Houdini FX - Procedureal node based 3D animation software, download free apprentice version
Cinema 4D - Free student license, application link
Foundry’s Education Program - Nuke Studio, Mari, Modo, ... 1st year free for students

3D Apps
Instant Meshes - Automatic Retopologizer, open source by Wenzel Jakob, download link
3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image - Aaron S. Jackson, Face Reconstruction from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression
Agisoft Metashape - Photogrammetry software, free demo download
Reality Capture - Photogrammetry software, free demo download
Wrap - Tool for morphing meshes, creating morph-targets from scans, etc., free 30 days trial
SmartBody - Autorigger and Reshaper, Andrew Feng, Ph.D., Ari Shapiro, Ph.D., free download
Slate - Flipbook creator, can generate optical flow/motion vector textures, free
Thegrove3d - Tree growing plugin for Blender and Houdini, from 89 EUR

Game Engines
WebGLStudio - Free 3D WebGL app, created by Javi Agenjo, GTI department of Universitat Pompeu Fabra
PlayCanvas - Web Game Engine for building HTML5 visualizations and games, free plan
babylon.JS - JavaScript framework for building 3D games and experiences with HTML5, WebGL, WebVR and Web Audio
Godot Engine - Open source game engine
Armory Engine - Open source game engine, Blender integration and add-on
Blend4Web - Open source game engine for WebGL, Blender integration and add-on

Texturing Tools
Material Maker - Free node-based material authoring and 3D texture painting software, homepage and material library
Xnormal - Free texture baking application, download link
Crazybump - Generates bump and normal maps from photos, download free Mac beta
Normal Map Online - Generates bump and normal maps from photos, browser based
Texture Generator Online - Generates tiled textures, terrains, clouds, noises, textiles, browser based
Dabarti Capture - Generating Surface Normal, Albedo and displacement maps from multiple photographs, free lite version
NVIDIA Photo to Material - Generate Normal Maps from 2 photos, registration as developer required
Handplane - Texture baking application, bake complex model groups, pay as you want
Artomatix - Seamless tiles generator, Wang tiles, 10 download credits = 10 US$

2D Apps
Storyboarder - Storyboarding tool, free download, tutorials
Handbrake - Video converter, Free Software Foundation project
Low Poly Art Generators - Six Free tools,, blog
Vectormagic - Convert bitmap images to vector images, EPS, SVG and PDF, web service
WhatTheFont - Font identification iOS App, Android App
DuME - Free and Open Source Media Encoder, renders and transcodes also Adobe After Effects compositions and Blender scenes
mrViewer - Video, Audio and Flipbook player, HDRI viewer, Multichannel Support

Textures - Comprehensive library by Dmitriy Chugai (Crytek), unedited, 3-5k, free
Texture Ninja - Huge library with nature, leaves, ground, fabric, stones, dirt, etc. by Joost Vanhoutte, unedited, 3-5k, free
Pixar One Thirty and One Twenty Eight - Classic Textures from 1993 updated for 2017, free - PBR, seamless, 8 images 3k per day free, subscr. 17$/month, 25 img/ day up to 24k
Quixel Megascans/ - Textures and objects scanned with photogrammetry, free samples - broad variety, by Agata Galewska, unedited, 3-5k, free - huge library, tileable and unedited, 1k - 15 free downloads per day
SideFX Free Texture Pack - 19 tileable textures, in. tif and also in .rat format for use in Houdini - Stian Ervik Wahlvåg - 13 texture packages with normal, spec maps etc., free download
David Gurrea - unedited photos ~2k, edited game textures, free download - Buildingmaterials CAD- & BIM-Textures
Lugher Texture - broad variety, unedited ~3k, free download
Mayang Textures - broad variety, unedited ~2k, free download
Lostandtaken - some tileable, 2k, free download
Image After - Image database with textures and references, free download
Ben Cloward - Wood Textures, unedited, free download
Anniemation - Lots of nature textures, cutout leaves etc
Openfootage - 2k tileable, mostly free download
Plaintextures - 2k tileable, only low res free download
Animax - about 1000 textures, more arch viz related, free download
Joost Vanhoutte - 800 textures, free download / donation
Sketchbookpro Backgrounds - Grids, storyboard templates, paper textures, free download
Matte Paint - Download free previews in 1200 px
Bark Pack 01 - Free Photogrammetry Tile Textures, David Chumilla Liccioli
Bark Pack 02 - Free Photogrammetry Tile Textures, David Chumilla Liccioli
Organic Materials Pack - Free organic materials with 4K tile-able maps, Martin Hamilton
Leaves - Free sets of high quality, photo-scanned nature textures, Wojciech Piwowarczyk


HiRISE - Download digital terrain maps from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter mission - Download height maps
TandemX - High resolution height maps, free samples download
Environment Agency Geomatics LIDAR - Open LIDAR data Great Britain - more info
AHN - Open LIDAR source Netherlands
Centro de Descargas - Open LIDAR data Spain - more info
Geonorge - Open terrain data, Norway
OpenTopography - High-Resolution Topography Data and Tools, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Open Lidar in Germany - Links to download sources, rapidlasso GmbH, blog
NYC Building 3D Model - Building Massing Model of New York City includes every NYC building present in the 2014 aerial survey, the capture from which the model was developed - Paste a Streetview URL and download the images or 360° panorama
SAS.planet - Sattelite imagery downloader
Earth Explorer - Download sattelite image tiles
Global Data Explorer - Download height maps
Google Maps Area Calculator Tool - define an area and find out the measurement, website
3D Cityscapes - Extracted from OSM data, download greybox models of London, NYC, Berlin, etc. as Blender or FBX files
3D Extraction
Extract Google Earth models - 7 min tutorial, run 3D Ripper DX as administrator - Google Earth to 3 D using 3D Ripper DX, Blog with Q&A
3D Ripper capture and export to C4D tutorial - Export from a game engine, John Burdock, 44 min

HDR Panoramas

HDRI Haven - 16k, free download sibl archive - about 100 sIBL sets, free download - 150 HDR panoramas, 15.000x7.500day, night, small watermark on the bottom, free download
12 HDR Industrial Environment Maps - Philip Modin, free download - 3 free sets - Stian Ervik Wahlvåg, 5 HDR panoramas with backplate images, free download
Bernhard Vogl - 15 HDR panoramas - free download
USC Institute for Creative Technologies - 6 HDR panoramas - free download - 80 HDR pano, lowres 1000x500, 2000x1000 free download, highres 5 EUR each
Lugher Texture - 37 Interior, 135 Urban, 57 Nature
HDRI-Skies - 4096x2048 free download, 15000x7500 5 EUR each
GauGAN360 by Nvidia - AI model based online art tool that turns rough sketches into 360-degree environments

IES Lighting Files

ies library - Preview and download about 307k IES files, free download

Visual Reference - VFX

Sea Breeze - Time-lapse clouds, Jack Miller, 6 min
Sea Breeze II (4K) - Time-lapse clouds, Jack Miller, 3 min
Temponaut - Time-lapse flowers, plants, rotten fruit, cityscapes, YouTube channel
Let's Melt This - Melting things one day at a time, YouTube channel
The Slowmo Guys - HD footage recorded with high-speed cinema cameras, YouTube channel
Warped Perception - High-speed references, YouTube channel
Macro Room - Dissolving pills, burning sticks in macro, YouTube channel
Will it Blend - Blendtec, YouTube channel
FilaMaker - Shredding metal toy cars, YouTube channel
Will it Crush - Hydraulic press experiments, YouTube channel
OK Go - The One Moment - Music video with real smashing stuff and fluids filmed in high speed

Visual Reference - Human Body and Motion

BioDigital - Human visualisation platform, interactive 3D website
Body of a Dancer - Daniel Gallenkamp, 6 min, dancer filmed with slow motion
Bodies in Motion - Scott Eaton, photographic project documenting the human body in motion

3D Models

3D Model Haven - High quality 3d models, free download - 3D scans of Sculptures and artifacts, free download
Sketchfab Cultural Heritage - Public domain cultural heritage 3D models, free download
Scan the World - 3D printable sculpture and cultural artefacts, free download
The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository - Iconic bunny, dragon, scanned in 1994, still useful as test geometries
McGuire Computer Graphics Archive - Standard 3D reference models and scenes, free download
Wire Wheels Club - 3D models of classic cars, free download
Sample and Hold - 3D scan samples, free download
3DMdb - 3d Model search engine, more than two million models indexed
yobi 3d - 3d Model search engine - 3D models, furniture, gadgets, cars, flowers, trees, 2D cut-out people, HDR's, textures, free samples - High quality models, some free samples - Misc models, free download - Misc models, free download
Archive 3D - Architecture related, furniture, etc, free download - Misc models, free download
SketchUp 3D Warehouse - Architecture related, SketchUp models, free download
Turbosquid - Misc models, selection of free items - Some models, free download, C4D and OBJ
Renderstuff - Misc models, selection of free items
Blankrepository - Scanned Food, free samples
Creative Crops - Scanned Food, free samples
The Mantissa - Scanned Food, Trees, Midge Sinnaeve, free download
Grabcad - Engineering, Machine parts, CAD models, free download
3dcontentcentral - Machine parts, engineering related, free download
NASA 3D - Space related models and textures, free download (GitHub)
Smithsonian X 3D - iconic collection objects from the Smithsonian museum collections
Hondafan - Honda vehicle models, free download - Nefertitis head, 3D scan, STL-file (100 MB), free download - To gain access to these free models you need to join the e-mail newsletter
DMI-3D - Vehicle models, free download - Gems and Jewelry models, free download
GSG C4D Models - VW Van, Rolleiflex Camera, Lego Man, Space Gun, Tron Car, Cup, Light Bulb, free
GSG Daft Punk Helmets - C4D, free download - Fully detailed 1953 Cadillac Eldorado model, XSI, OBJ, C4D
Dmitry DeMoon's Sketchfab Collections - Food, sculptures, buildings, clothes, shoes, some models can be downloaded
10 VDB Cloud Volumes - Travis Davids, free download
Hard Surface Kitbash Vol. 3 - Oleg Ushenok, free download

Tree It by EVOLVED - Software - Free real time 3d tree generator, .obj export
Treeit Guide for UE4 - Resurrection 21, 35 min
Treeit Library - More than 100 diferent models, free download, Lluis Garcia
Xfrog - Plant models, free download of about 40 samples
Speedtree - 4 tree samples for UE4, free download

3D Humans
Renderpeople - Rigged and posed human characters, selection of free items
Makehuman - Open source 3D character creator
Adobe Fuse CC - 3D character creator

Mocap Files - comprehensive mocap library, Japan, partial free
MovLab - Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisboa - some free mocap files
BeyondMotion - free mocap files - some free mocap files
ACCAD - Ohio Univ. Adv. Computing Center for the Arts and Design - Mocap Lab - downloads
Animstreet - free mocap files
CMU's motion capture database - 3dsMax-friendly BVH release, cgspeed
Mixamo - Mocap library with auto rigger, included in the Adobe subscription

Images - NASA image and video library, free download - Huge image library, free download
Locationtextures - Aerial Clouds, Trees, Free Packs, up to 20k
Pexels - Free stock photos, royalty free images & videos shared by creators

Icons - Well designed monochrome icons, free download 512x512 px - B/W icons, search function, SVG, free account - B/W and shaded icons, SVG, free and paid - Icon sets with B/W and shaded icons, different sizes, free download - B/W Icons, free basic set


Google Fonts
Fontsquirrel - Some free fonts - Identifies font types by submitting a picture or URL

Audio Samples - Huge collaborative database of audio samples and recordings - Field recordings - Free samples can be found at the bottom of the left menu

CG and 3D General

Learning 3d Modeling and Animation - The Guerrilla CG Project, YouTube channel
Introduction to Key 3D Concepts - Series of Introductory Videos, Adobe - Maya technical wiki, TU Delft

Topology Basics
Cutting Edge Loops - First steps in Box modelling - SouthernGFX, 39 min

Displacement Workflow
High Res Face Texturing / Mari and Mudbox - Texturing xyz blog
Zbrush to Vray Maya 32 bit Displacement - Flippednormals blog

Substance Painter
Substance Painter Quickstart - Michael Pavlovich, YouTube playlist

Normal Maps, Normal Baking
Height maps, Parallax maps, Normal maps, explained - Harry Ridgeway, 10 min
Normal mapping for games and realtime content - Andy Davies, 54 min
The Fundamentals of Perfect Baking - Michael Hosticka, 22 min
High Poly to Low Poly Workflow with Zbrush and Maya - Filmstorm, 31 min
A Practical Guide On Normal Mapping for Games - Word document by Alexey Oshchepkovw
Normal Maps Tutorial - Extensive explanation with example pictures, Christopher Albeluhn, blog
Baking Normal Maps in Blender - Blender Character, Darrin Lile, 16 min
Normal Maps Tutorial Basics - Ben Cloward, blog
Normal Maps Tutorial Beyond the Basics - Ben Cloward, blog
Better Normal Blending - By Colin Barré-Brisebois and Stephen Hill, blog
Understanding Normal Maps- Nick Pettit, blog
Normal Map Definition- Polycount Wiki
Texture Baking- Polycount Wiki
A Practical Guide On Normal Mapping For Games- Polycount Wiki
Normalmaps for the Technical Game Modeler- Ariel Chai, blog - App for smartphone based normal map creation (WIP)

Normal Maps from Photos
Normal Map Photography - Tutorial about creating normal maps from photos with 4 different light directions
Materialize - Image to material tool, free download with tutorials
Normalmap Online - Web based normal map creation from photos, Christian Petry
Normal Map Generator for UE4 - Normal map creation from diffuse map in engine, Marvel Master, 4 min, free UE4 project download

GPU Tessellation
DirectX 11 Tessellation - What it is and why it matters, Nvidia blog

Instant Meshes - Automatic Retopologizer, open source app by Wenzel Jakob, download link

Sculptfab - Quick 3D sketches and previz with Adaptive topology, up-/download .obj, Sketchfab Labs browser app

HDR Panorama Creation
Merging HDR panoramic photos - Lynda, 15 min
Merging the 360-degree panoramic photo - Lynda, 11 min

Image Basics
8, 12, 14 vs 16-Bit Depth: What Do You Really Need?! - Petapixel, blog

Color Grading and LUT's
Creating LUTs for Videos in Photoshop - PiXimperfect, 14 min
What is a LUT? How to use it in Premiere Pro - Premiere Gal, 4 min


Video Channel
Maya Mondays with Daryl Obert - YouTube Channel
Maya Learning Channel - YouTube Channel
Maya Toolbelt - YouTube channel

Polygon Modeling
Cutting a hole using boolean and topology - ctbram0627, 24 min
Maya 2016 Modeling Improvements - Steven Roselle, 37 min
Maya 2016 Ext 2: Technical Modeling Improvements - Steven Roselle, 15 min
Maya 2016 Ext 2: Modeling and UV Editing Improvements - Steven Roselle, 36 min, silent
Meet the Experts Modeling in Maya 2015 - Craig Barr, forward to 11 min, overall 53 min
Maya Subdivision Surfaces - DigitalArtsGuild, Tutorial Series Part 1- 5
Easy Hand Modeling Tutorial in Maya - Alex Cheparev, 33 min
Crease Tool and Crease Sets in Maya 2016 - Tim Ash, 5 min
How to Use the Wedge Tool - malcolm341, 12 min
Best Settings for Edit Edge Flow - malcolm341, 8 min
Maya Modeling Tricks and Secrets - YouTube playlist
The Pushing Points Topology Workbook - William Vaughan, Gumroad, 25 US$

NURBS Modeling
Building a NURBS Surface from a Mesh - Uhr, 12 min
Cool Curves From Delicate Surfaces - Uhr, 8 min

Quad Draw / Make Live Workflow in Maya 2017 Update 3 - Steven Roselle, 13 min
Modeling and retopologizing 1: Shrink wrapping a sleeve and torso - MLC, Maya 2016, 7 min
Modeling and retopologizing 2: Quad drawing the shoulder/collar - MLC, Maya 2016, 8 min
Modeling and retopologizing 3: Fine-tuning shape and topology - MLC, Maya 2016, 7 min
Modeling and retopologizing 4: UV creation and finishing touches - MLC, Maya 2016, 14 min
Creating usable topology from Marvelous Designer - Zeno Pelgrims, 12 min
Retopology With Transfer Attribute - AboutOneMinuteTutorial, 2 min

UV Layout, UV Mapping
3D Cut and Sew Tool Maya 2018 (Fast and Easy UV Method) - Easy3D, 9 min
Maya 2018 Comprehensive Review of UV Editing Improvements - Steven Roselle, 14 min
Maya 2018 UV Toolkit Review - Steven Roselle, 14 min
Maya 2018 Beginner UV Mapping - Academic Phoenix Plus, 12 min
Maya 2017 Update 3 - UV Editing Improvements - Steven Roselle, 4 min
Maya 2017 Update 3 - UV Editing Tutorial - Autodesk, 18 min
UV Map and texture clothing - Mike Hermes, 27 min
UV unwrapping tutorial for Maya 2016 - James Taylor, 16 min, Auto Unwrap from 10:25
Maya Bonus Tools for UV workflows - Lesterbanks / Steven Roselle
Auto Unwrap UVs with Maya Bonus Tools - Steven Roselle, 3 min
UVs in Maya 2015 using the bonus tools - KERMACO, 21 min
Maya 2016 Modeling and UV Editing Improvements - Steven Roselle, 10 min
Maya 2016 UV Editing Improvements - Steven Roselle, 35 min
Maya 2015 UV Editing Overview - Steven Roselle, 20 min
UV Mapping in Autodesk Maya 2015 - Michael Swartz, 107 min
Creating the UV Snapshot Maya 2015 - Brain Puff, 11 min
6 Tips to Improve Your UV Mapping Workflow - Paul H. Paulino, blog

Sculpting, Baking
Make Irregular terrain with Sculpt and Soft Body Dynamics - Park Jin Woo, 14 min
Sculpting Clothes Part 1 - Wrinkles and creases, Normal map baking - MLC, Maya 2016, 12 min
Sculpting Clothes Part 2 - Patterns and symmetry - MLC, Maya 2016, 12 min
Baking normal maps in Maya - Glen Gramling, 44 min
Maya texturing, sculpting, baking - Blog, Aldo Vicente

Texture Transfer
Transfer textures to a new UV layout in Maya - Creative Bloq
Create texture maps with the Transfer Maps editor - Maya 2016 Help
Projection Mapping in Maya - that maya guy, 21 min

Shading, Materials
Ocean Shader - Maya Mondays, 8 min
HOT for Maya plugin - Houdini Ocean Toolkit plugin for Maya 2016 Arnold + MR, free download
HOT for Maya ocean spray - basic tutorial - Houdini Ocean Toolkit, Igor Zanic, 10 min
deformer -type hotOceanDeformer;

Animation Principles in Staging - Digital Tutors Maya tutorial
Animating Camera Cuts - AnimationMethods, 13 min
4 Camera Tips - reaction, tracking, crane / boom shots, hand held, Bloop Animation, 5 min
Camera Path Animation and Following Objects - Mike Hermes, 8 min
Camera Sequencer in Maya 2014 - majentauk, 8 min
Maya Camera, Aim and Motion Path - Uhr, 15 min
Camera Tips and Tricks - Maya mondays, 14 min
How to Create Camera Projection in Maya and Arnold - 3D Models World, 20 min

Maya 2017 Time Editor - Steven Roselle, 24 min
Maya Time Editor - Steven Roselle, 10 min
Additive and Subtractive Motion - Richard Lico, 10 min

antCGi - YouTube channel, dedicated to rigging
Constraints 1 - What Can the 11 Different Types of Constraints Do - Nerdycreator Blog
Constraints 3 - How to Constrain Prop to Hand - Nerdycreator Blog
Easier Character Creation wit Quick Rig - Autodesk, Maya 2016 Ext. 2, 11 min
Quick Rigging and Skinning a character - Maya Learning Channel, 9 min
FK IK switch Rigging Tutorial - Damon Lavenski, Part 1 of 6
Rigging in Maya - Autodesk, Journey to VR, 11 min
Animation retargeting using Maya I - Autodesk, Journey to VR, 10 min, Part II - 16 min
Rigging and Skinning with HumanIK - Tim Moore, 58 min
How to apply mocap to any rig using HumanIK in Maya - Bhaumik Patel, 16 min (2019)
Quick Way to Edit Animation with Maya Control Rig Using Animation Layers (Bake to Control Rig Workflow) - Rokoko, 9 min (2022)
How to mix motion capture animations using the Time Editor in Maya - Rokoko, 10 min (2020)
How to Make Characters Grab Objects - Parenting Constraints - Sir Wade Neistadt, 20 min (2018)

Facial Rigging
How to Rig a Face for Animation - Antony Ward, creativebloq, download tutorial videos, 83 min, download example files
Joint Based Facial Expression - 01 Eyebrow, UIW 3D Animation and Game Design, 23 min
The Art of Moving Points - Facial Articulation - Brian Tindall, iBook, 40 US$

Rigging Creatures
Rigging a bird with IK handles and curves - Maya 2016, Mike Hermes, 12 min (2016)
Rigging a quadruped character in Maya - Conor O'Kane, 31 min (2020)
Realtime Creature Rigging Workshop - Maya Learning Channel, YouTube playlist (2021)
Rigging a Fish - John Twycross, 11 min (2020)
Rigging a Quadruped Binding a Cat Skeleton with IK handles - John Twycross, 13 min (2020)

Animate a waving flagpole - Mike Hermes, 8 min
Tablecloth Modeling - Mike Hermes, 4 min
Curtain Modeling in Maya 2017 - SJtuto, 6 min
Create Curtains with nCloth - Polygon Pig, 9 min

How to use Duplicate and Duplicate special - Maya 2014 tutorial, 10 min
Instance geometry with nParticles - Autodesk knowledgebase
Instance Along Curve Maya Plugin - Free python plugin
Maya Bonus Tools 2012 - Paint Geometry Tool

Maya XGen
Creating Topological Art with XGen - Maya Learning Channel, 12 min
Maya 2015 XGen Instancing Overview - Steven Roselle Maya 2015 tutorial, 27 min
Controlling complexity with Xgen in Autodesk Maya 2015 - Autodesk, 51 min
XGen - Spline output as curve - Maya Monday, 2 min
10 tips for using Maya’s XGen in production - blog

Motion Graphics / MASH
Mainframe Mash - Vimeo channel, different examples of use
Motion Graphics / Mash introduction - Autodesk, 14 min
Ian Waters - YouTube channel with MSH tutorials - MASH motion graphics examples
MASH end to end workflow - Maya Learning Channel, playlist
MASH Audio Node - Drive your MASH animations using an audio file, Mainframe Mash, 9 min
MASH Dynamics Basics - Maya Learning Channel, 12 min
MASH Dynamics - Roland Reyer, 13 min

Start Understanding nParticles with collissions - Digital Tutors free, 15 min
nParticles along motion path - Phil Radford, 13 min
Goal Oriented nParticles in Maya for Morphing - Simply Maya, 12 min
nParticle Basics - Mike Hermes, 11 min
Create Snow with nParticles - Mike Hermes, 5 min
Change > Particle Shape > Shading to Multi Point or Multi Streak and render with Arnold - works
Create a Snow Cover with nParticles - Park Jin Woo, 14 min

Intro to Bifrost Fluid Sim in Maya - CG Swot, 39 min
Guided Simulations in Bifrost - Maya 2016, Autodesk, 7 min
Adaptive Foam in Bifrost - Maya 2016, Autodesk, 8 min
Bifrost Color Trick - Maya 2016, Maya Monday, 14 min
Create a Water Splash - Maya 2015, Mike Hermes, 14 min

Smoke Effects
Maya 3D - Dynamic - Fluid Effect (Advanced Smoke) - Sangiemenla, 11 min, silent
Maya 3D - Dynamic - Fluid Effect - Smoke Effect - Sangiemenla, 25 min, silent

Paint Effects
Discover Paint Effects - Autodesk Maya 2013, 62 min
Maya 2014 - Paint Effects Enhancments - Autodesk Maya 2014, 14 min

Add image based lighting with a preset or custom environment in the Material Viewer - Maya help
3-Point Lighting -, Blog
Creating great lighting for Playblasts - Maya Learning Channel, 15 min

Maya Viewport 2.0
Viewport 2.0 outdoor lighting tips in Maya 2016 - Autodesk Maya Mondays, 16 min
Shader FX (DirectX) in Viewport 2.0- Displacement and Reflection - PolyAsset3D, 9 min
Viewport 2.0 in Production | Lights, Transparency, ShaderFX - Lights, transparency, VFXpro Studio, 21 min
Maya 2013 Ext. DX11 in Viewport 2.0 - My Oh Maya, 16 min

Arnold for Maya User Guide -
Arnold for Maya Tutorial - Shaders - Solidangle, 16 min
Arnold for Maya Tutorial - Lights - Solidangle, 16 min
Arnold for Maya Tutorial - Image Based Lighting - Solidangle, 12 min
Interior Lighting with Arnold, Maya 2017 - yone santana, 65 min
Arnold for Maya Tutorial - Render Settings - Solidangle, 15 min
Arnold for Maya Tutorial - Cameras - Solidangle, 14 min
Arnold for Maya Tutorial - AOVs - Arbitrary Output Variables, Solidangle, 20 min
aiStandard Material Basics | using Arnold with Maya 2017 - Arvid Schneider, 35 min
Mastering Glass | using Arnold with Maya 2017 - Arvid Schneider, 49 min
Displacement Workflow - from: ZBrush / Mudbox to: V-Ray / Arnold (Maya), Akin Bilgic, Blog
Render Layers and AOV's in Arnold - yone santana, Maya 2017, 62 min
Render Setup using Arnold - Arvid Schneider, Maya 2017, 41 min

Redshift 2 Maya Displacement Tutorial - Saul Espinosa, 24 min
Redshift Sprite Node - Vertex Library Quick Tip#2, 4 min
RGB Mattes in Redshift - Vertex Library Quick Tip#3, 4 min
Material Blending in Redshift - Vertex Library Quick Tip#4, 8 min

Bonus Tools, Extensions
Maya BonusTools 2017 Overview - Steven Roselle, 12 min
Maya BonusTools 2013 Make Joints Dynamic - Steven Roselle, 5 min
Baking Dynamics to Joints Using Make Joints Dynamic - Daryl Obert, 6 min
Maya 2016 Extension 1: 3D Type - Autodesk, 11 min
Maya 2016 Extension 1: Improved Vector Graphics Workflow - Autodesk, 8 min
Maya 2016 Extension 1: New Look Development Shading Nodes - Autodesk, 9 min

Plugins, Scripts
OBJ Sequences Import Export - Script useful for exchange animations with Houdini, tested with Maya 2017
maya-glTF - glTF exporter plugin for Autodesk Maya, GitHub
Maya2glTF - Maya to glTF exporter, experimental Mac OS-X Maya 2018 support, GitHub

Python 101 for Maya Users - Filmmakerperez, YouTube playlist


Grease Pencil
Learn Grease Pencil 2D Animation in Blender 2.8 Alpha 2 - Blender Developers, 17 min
Grease Pencil Armature modifier - antonioya blend, 1 min
Blender 2.8 Video Editing - Waylight Creations, YouTube playlist
Create Grass Fast Blender Tutorial - CGMatter, 6 min

Geometry Nodes
Geometry Nodes Landed - Blender Today, 10 min
Procedural Chair Tutorial - CG Junk, 7 min
Procedural Table in Blender 2.82 - askNK, 15 min

Using Blender for Hair in Game Dev - Embark, Medium blog
Hair for AAA Games - Blender Today Live, 58 min


ZBrush ZRemesher - Pixologic ZClassroom, 25 min
zBrush Tutorial: Create 3D Assets From Photos - Jared Michael, 19 min
zBrush 4r6 zRemesher and reprojection - CGVILLA, 13 min
3DScans ZBrush Tutorial - 3Dsksupport, 4 min
Clean a 3D scan in zBrush - Jonty Hurwitz, 7 min
High Poly to Low Poly Workflow with Zbrush and Maya - Filmstorm, 31 min
Low poly stones and rocks for games - stym, 24 min
Retopology Tutorial in Maya and ZBrush - Kerr Robinson, 35 min
3D Scan Post Processing Tutorial - Daniel Cahill, 25 min
Polypainting from the canvas in Zbrush - Polyjunky, 7 min
ZRemesher 3 Detect Edges - ZBrush Classroom, 4 min


Become a Pro at Redshift - Samples and Noise - Bold&Break, 11 min


PhotoScan Guide Part 1 - Getting started with the basics, ClassyDogFilms, 5 min
Outdoor Photogrammetry Tips - Vertex Library, blog
The poor man’s guide to photogrammetry - Quick introduction, Bertrand Benoit, blog
Everything You Need to Know about Photogrammetry - Gamasutra, blog
Creating Game Ready Assets using Photogrammetry - Gamasutra, blog

Full Photogrammetry Guide for 3D Artists - Vlad Kuzmin, 80 Level, blog
PhotoScan Guide Part 2 Turntable Tutorial - ClassyDogFilms, 7 min
PhotoScan Guide Part 3 Natural Environment Scanning - ClassyDogFilms, 12 min
PhotoScan Guide Part 4 Man-Made Environments - ClassyDogFilms, 21 min
Complete Photogrammetry Workflow with Agisoft Photoscan Reality Capture and ZBrush - Michael Pavlovich, YouTube playlist
PhotoScan Wiki - Tips and tricks
Photogrammetry - Introduction to Software and Hardware -, blog
Photogrammetry - How to take-your-photos -, blog
Photogrammetry - Agisoft Photoscan Workflow -, blog
How Accurate is Photogrammetry? Part 1 - Part 2 - Blog
Head Scanning Webinar - Jeffrey Wilson, 105 min
Photogrammetric Assets in UE4 Part 1 - Setup / Equipment - Part 2 - Reconstruction / Delighting - UE, blog
Bringing Scans Into UE4 - with Topogun, xNormal and 3DSMax, blog
Photoscan Python Scripts - Agisoft - Infinite Realities, blog

Rhino 7- Using QuadRemesh to Reverse Engineer a Scan - Rhinoceros3d, 22 min (2020)

Camera Tech
Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO - Cheat Sheet, blog
Camera Exposure Explained - Cambridge in Colour, blog
Depth of Field Calculator - Cambridge in Colour, blog

LiDAR example with HDR texturing - Pointcloud9, 30 sec
Photoscan showcase - Agisoft, showreels
In The Eyes of the Animals Teaser - Point Cloud / Art Example
Radiohead - House of Cards - Point Cloud / Art Example

Game Design and Technology

Game Art & Design Examples
Katamari Damacy - 2004, Gameplay, 9 min
flOw - 2006, PS3 Full Walkthrough, 85 min
Portal - 2007, Gameplay, 7 min
Loneliness - necessary games, 2011, play in browser (flash)
Journey - 2012, Gameplay, 10 min
Dear Esther - 2012, Gameplay, 56 min
Antichamber - 2013, Full Walkthrough, 15 min
Antichamber - 2013, Gameplay with Comments, 20 min
What Remains of Edith Finch - 2015, Gameplay with Comments, 8 min
Mosh Pit Simulator - 2016, Sos Sosowski, trailer, 1 min
The Witness - 2016, Developer Gameplay Trailer, 11 min
Firewatch - 2016, Gameplay, 184 min
Orwell - 2016, Gameplay, 38 min
Inside - 2016, Gameplay, 11 min
My Summer Car - 2016, Gameplay, 22 min
ABZÛ - Giant Squid, 2016, Gameplay, 90 min
Universal Paperclips - 2017, ExtraTricky, Speedrun, 113 min
PC Building Simulator - 2017, Gameplay, 3 min
Everything - David OReilly, 2017, gameplay, 11 min
Scanner Sombre - Introversion Software, 2017, Christopher Odd gameplay, 34 min
theHunter: Call of the Wild - Expansive Worlds, 2017, gameplay trailer, 4 min
Donut County - Ben Esposito, 2018, IGN gameplay, 16 min
Kentucky Route Zero - Cardboard Computer, 2013-2020, Developer Gameplay Trailer, 1 min
The Sojourn - Shifting Tides, 2019, GameZine gameplay, 21 min
Untitled Goose Game - House House, 2019, IGN gameplay, 11 min
The Bradwell Conspiracy - A Brave Plan, 2019, IGN gameplay, 12 min
Shutter Stroll - Jannik Boysen, 2020, Warp Door gameplay, 2 min
Disco Elysium - The Final Cut - ZA/UM, 2021, IGN game review, 6 min
Cocoon - Geometric Interactive, 2023, IGN game review, 7 min
The Talos Principle 2 - Croteam, 2023, IGN gameplay, 33 min
Humanity - Enhance, THA Limited, 2023, PlayStation gameplay, 5 min
Video Games as an Art Form - Wikipedia list
Paola Antonelli - Why I Brought Pacman to MOMA? - TED talk, 19 min
Super Mario Clouds - Cory Arcangel, Game Mod, 2002, Blog

VR Game Design Examples
Eleven Table Tennis VR for Oculus Quest - For Fun Labs, 2020, Developer Gameplay Trailer, 1 min

Game Convergence
PAPERS, PLEASE - The Short Film (2018) - Nikita Ordynskiy, Polygon article with video link

Gamification, Educational Games
Lightneer - Blog About Games in Education
Curiscope Virtuali-Tee - Educational AR Experience About the Human Body
Institute of Play - Non-profit design studio, offering Game and Curriculum Design, Educator Programs
Edutopia - Game-Based Learning Resources
Variant - Learning game series about calculus concepts - Collection of online visual storytelling as practiced by online and print journalists
How to crowdsource MPs' expenses - The Guardian's Guardian unique experiment in crowdsourcing
The World Peace Game Foundation - Dedicated to teaching children the work of peace
Foldit - Solve Puzzles for Science

Game Graphics
Game Oldies - Play Online
Evolution of Video Game Graphics 1952 - 2015 - Random selection, 13 min
Archviz Interior - UE4 walkthrough, Roy Fredy R, 4 min
P.A.M.E.L.A. developer preview - Unity Blog
Adam - Unity realtime graphics demo
Enlighten GI in Unity and UE - Developer Website
How to Plan Level Designs and Game Environments -, blog

UI Design
User Interface - Polycount Wiki - 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design, blog - 19 Principles of User Interface Design, blog - Game UI Discoveries: What Players Want, blog
Game Dev Essentials: Interface Design - Kevin Saunders, Jeannie Novake, Cengage, 2013, ISBN: 1-133-13475-0
This War of Mine - UI example, Gameplay
Nicky Case - Things you can play, explorable explanations, small educational games, website

WebGL, Web VR - WebGl tutorial, blog - simple html viewer for sharing code examples hosted on GitHub Gist
p5*js Java Script Libraries - Procesing, NYU ITP
Aframe - open source framework for creating WebVR experiences with HTML
Shadertoy Seascape Example - Procedural computing with WebGL

John Romero's development commandments -, Blog

Game Effects
Game Effects Using Houdini and UE4 - Stephen Tucker, Free Udemy Lecture, 45 min
UE4 Plugin Developer Interview - Presentation of the H16 Game shelf tools with Luiz Kruel from SideFX, 45 min

Augmented Reality
Augment Desktop Tutorials - YouTube Channel, short introductory clips
Unity3D and Vuforia for MultiTarget Tracking - YuGiOh! Card Game, Edgaras Art, 29 min

Unreal Engine

Learning Paths - Unreal Engine Content Library

Beginner Tutorials
Introduction to Third Person Blueprint Game - Unreal Engine Playlist
UE 4 Beginner Tutorial Series - Virtus Learning Hub, YouTube channel

File Exchange
Exporting from Maya to UE4 with collisions - Small Robot Studio, 5 min
UE4 Skeletal Mesh Animation Baking - Shaun Foster, 8 min
MakeHuman to UE4 - Peter Stefcek, 19 min
Blueprint UE - Platform for visualising and sharing UE blueprints and material networks
Converting a Houdini RBD Simulation into an UE4 Physics Actor - 80level, blog
ProjectExodus - Convert projects from Unity to Unreal

Exploring the depths of the Sky and Atmosphere system in UE4.24 - Unreal Engine, 25 min
Unreal 4 Lighting Academy I - 51Daedalus, YouTube playlist, related UE forum post
Unreal 4 Lighting Academy II - 51Daedalus, YouTube playlist
Lighting Techniques and Guides Dynamic Lighting - Unreal Engine Twitch stream, 90 min
Creating God Rays Using a Directional Light - Steve's Tutorials, 2 min
Ray Traced Distance Field Shadows Tips & Tricks - Unreal Engine, 6 min
Fortnite’s Real-Time Lighting Techniques and Tools - Unreal Engine, GDC 2018, 21 min
Volumetric Fog and Lighting in Unreal Engine 4 - Unreal Engine, GDC 2018, 26 min
God Rays Using Volumetric Fog Tips & Tricks - Unreal Engine, 12 min
Adjust Sky Sphere to create Sunset and Night - Brigid Costello, 5 min
Make a Day/Night Cycle - TheFaceGrabber, 10 min
UE4 Dynamic Global Illumination - PolyPixel, 6 min
Projector Light Effect (RGB Gel Light) - underscore, 13 min

Volumetric Lighting and Fog Effects
Volumetric Lighting with UE4 - Kemal Günel, 5 min
Volumetric Fog Feature Highlight - Unreal Engine Twitch stream, 96 min
Local Volumetric Fog with Collision - Marvel Master, 3 videos, 35 min

Real Time Rendering - Overview for Artists - Jess's UE4 Tutorials, blog

Blueprints Essentials
Blueprint Essentials Tutorial Playlist - Unreal Engine Wiki
Casting Explained For Beginners - Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorials, Nebula Games Inc, YouTube playlist
Pause Menu Part 1 Part 2 - Leucosia Interactive, 9 min
Blueprint Blending Between Multiple Skylight Cubemaps - Unreal Engine tutorial, 30 min
Changing Things over Time with a Timeline - Unreal Engine tutorial, 10 min
WTF Is? Timelines - Mathew Wadstein, 11 min
WTF Is? Lerp Nodes - Mathew Wadstein, 6 min
Slow + "Freeze" Time - Dean Ashford, 23 min
Auto Focusing Depth of Field - Tesla Dev, 5 min
Sine, Append, Abs and Lerp - Jess's UE4 Tutorials, blog

Blueprints Communication
Blueprint Communication Light Switch with Random Color - Totally Unreal, 10 min
Communication Between Level and Class Blueprint - Unreal Engine, 11 min
Communication Between Class Blueprints - Unreal Engine, 9 min
Communicate Between Button and Door Blueprints - MBC, 7 min
Auto Focusing Depth of Field - Tesla Dev, 5 min

Blueprints Save
Save and Load - Dean Ashford, 11 min
Use the SaveGame Object - Mathew Wadstein, 10 min

Gravity Blueprints
Free Gravity Blueprint with Download Link - Maroonberet, 7 min
Directional Gravity and Gravitation Simulation Tutorial - Matt Taylor, 47 min

Landscape Layers
Unreal Engine 5 Landscape Material - Unreal Sensei, 60 min (2023)
Complete Guide to Using Non-Destructive Landscape Layers - Splines - World of Level Design, blog with video
Non-Destructive Landscape tools in UE4 (Spline Actor) - Pixel Fondue, 4 min

Instancing, Foliage
The ULTIMATE Guide for Creating Grass and Vegetation For Video Games - Stylized Station, 121 min
Instancing with Blueprints - Tech Art Aid, 29 min
Interact with Foliage at Run-time - Cut down trees, remove foliage, etc... AngryGamerTV, 37 min per-material-instance random for plain StaticMesh - UE4 Answer HUB, blog
Random Colours for Multiple Mesh Instances - Jess's UE4 tutorials, blog

Procedural Mesh
Mesh generation - Unreal Tefel, 4 min
Procedural and Pyramid Mesh Import with Excel - Unreal Tefel, 8 min
Building Procedural Art Tools in UE4 - Arran Langmead, 80lv blog

3D Positional Sound at Location Beginner Tutorial - qubodupDev, 8 min

Cloth and Simulation
Easy Cloth Simulation - underscore, 7 min
Hair Physics LOD in UE4 - Dylan Brady, 12 min

Chaos Physics
Basics of Unreal Engine 5 Chaos - Simon Verstraete, 14 min (20121)

Camera Controls
Setting Up Camera Controls Using Blueprints - Entagma, 22 min

Camera Facing Planes
Unreal Engine Automated Camera Facing Plane - Pixel Prof, 10 min (2020)
Camera Facing Billboards Using World Position Offset Materials - Visual Tech Art, 10 min (2021)

Player Character
Importing Characters from Mixamo to UE4 - Virtus Learning Hub, 30 min
Importing A Custom Character - Virtus Learning Hub, 15 min
Change Character Mesh (1) - Jayanam, 2 min
Blendspace Tutorial (2) - Jayanam, 3 min
Animation Blueprint Tutorial (3) - Jayanam, 3 min
Character Select - PyroDev, 17 min
Modular Character Creation and Selection - PyroDev, YouTube playlist
Custom Character Pt.6 AI Setup - Ratsgame, 48 min

Animation / Retargeting
UE4 Blendshape to Bones Animation Setup for Exporting Lipsync - So that the exported joint rig can drive the morph targets in Maya, Houdini etc. Enter Reality, 6 min

Spline Track Follow
Moving an Object along a path using a Spline Track - Omar J. Cruz Rubio, 13 min
Player Follow Spline - Nebula Games Inc, 6 min

Ragdoll Physics
Introduction to the Physics Assets Tool - Unreal Engine YouTube playlist
Ragdoll 101 - Part 1 Initial setup and keeping the Collision Capsule attached, Jonas Mølgaard, 14 min
Physics-Based Animation - UE4 documentation
Ragdoll / Simulate Physics - Tesla Dev, 3 min

Niagara / Particles / Sprites
Comprehensive Niagara Structure Overview (UE4, valid for UE5) - Visual Tech Art, 14 min (2022)
Niagara Stylized Flame System Tutorial - Intro to Niagara (UE4, valid for UE5) - Dev Enabled, 12 min (2020)
Niagara Flipbook (UE4, valid for UE5) - gameDev Outpost, 5 min (2020)
Unreal Niagara Meshes, Scripts, Forces, Animation, Tracing, Blueprints (4.26) - Kat Sullivan, YouTube playlist (2021)
Sprite Based Animated Butterflies in UE 5.1 Niagara - CGHOW, 23 min (2023)
Building advanced effects in Niagara - Unreal Fest Online 2020 demo, 29 min
Diving Into Niagara Intelligent Particle Effects - Unreal Fest Online 2020 presentation, 30 min
Advanced Niagara Effects: Flocks, Swarms, World Interaction - Inside Unreal, 97 min (2021)

Niagara and Meshes
UE5 Niagara Morph Effects - Alex Huang, 23 min (2022)
Morphing Between 2 Static Meshes in Niagara - Matan Shukry, 6 min (2018)
UE4 - Niagara Static Mesh and Surface - gameDev Outpost, 7 min (2020)

Niagara Fluids
Creating Fluid Simulation in UE5 - Inside Unreal, 119 min
Lets create smoke and fire in Niagara - Sem Schreuder, 12 min

VDB in UE5.3
Mastering VDB in UE 5.3 - WINBUSH, 19 min (2023)
Sparse Volume Textures (VDBs) in UE 5.3 - renderBucket, 28 min (2023)

UMG Unreal Motion Graphics
UMG Water Menu - Rodrigo Villani, 14 min, Part 2
UMG UI Inventory Tutorial Series - Unreal Engine, YouTube playlist
Custom Mouse Cursors - Tesla Dev, 3 min
UMG Video UI - Tesla Dev, 2 min, Video Textures
Widget Interaction Component 4.13 - Tesla Dev, 5 min
Web Browser Inside UE4 - Tesla Dev, 4 min
Custom Combobox Content - Customize dropdown menu (font, background), KITATUS, 9 min

Audio Interaction
Arthurs Audio BPs - Free, downloadable UE 4.26 project with audio & physics blueprints
Unreal Niagara Audio Visualizer - Sem Schreuder, 11 min

Play Sequence with Blueprint - Jayanam, 4 min

Material Editor Fundamentals for Game Development - UE4 Online Learning Course, 119 min
Normal Map Creation Guide - UE manual
Material Nodes explained - MetalGameStudios, 8 min
Blending Realism and Stylization in 3d Scenes - Will Koehler, 80 Level, Blog
Making Realistic Materials in UE 4 - 80 Level, Blog
Material Basics - Introduction, Rodrigo Villani, 24 min
Texturing Tutorial - Textures, color channels and UV manipulation, Rodrigo Villani, 52 min
Material Functions - Rodrigo Villani, 30 min
Control Materials in Blueprints - Textures, color channels and UV manipulation, Rodrigo Villani, 52 min
Changing Material Colors Dynamically With Blueprints and Parameter Collections - Learn Arch Viz, 8 min
Creating realistic skin in UE4 - Saurabh Jethani, blog
Transfer from Unwrapped Face Texture to Any 3D Head using XYZ and Zwrap - blog

Texture Mapping
UE4 Texture Projection 1/2 - Rodrigo Villani, 18 min, part 2/2, 55 min
UE4 Tri Planar Texture Projection - Reddit thread with link to material setup
WTF Is? Material - World Position - Mathew Wadstein, 6 min
Controlling Texture UV Space - GameDevMan, 13 min
UV Tricks in Unreal Engine - Escape Studios, 41 min

Animated Textures
Sprite Sheet Basic - How to import outside images sequences, Bruno Brito, 6 min

Parallax Occlusion Mapping for Rug - barry lowndes, 38 min

Ice and Snow
Creating A Multi-Purpose Glass Material - Greg Amato, blog
Realistic Snow Ground Creation in UE4 - Interview with Jacob Norris (PurePolygons), Blog
Creating Ice and Snow - UE4 + Megascans Studio, 11 min
Artistic Ice in UE4 - 80 Level, blog
Tesselated Icicles - Dean Ashford, 23 min

Perfect Dynamic Mirrors - Rodrigo Villani, 21 min
Dirty Glass Material - Free UE4 asset download, Michal Orzelek blog
Glass Shaders with Refraction - Timothy Dries, blog
UE4 ArchViz Glass Material - vrayguide, 11 min
UE4 Raytraced Glass, Translucency, & Refraction - William Faucher, 13 min, 2022

Displacement, World Position Offset
Animate with Nanite Meshes in UE5.1 - Arghanion's Puzzlebox, 36 min (2023)
Butterfly Materials For Realtime FX - Escape Studios, 54 min (2022)
Using Material Effects - Unreal Engine livestream, 57 min
Mesh Displacement and Material Editor - Unreal Engine livestream, 52 min
Move vertices along the BiNormals of a mesh - UnrealSimon, 2 min
World Position Offset, Displacement and POM, adding Depth to Materials - tharlevfx, 17 min
Calculating Normals in the Shader - tharlevfx, 34 min

Realtime Drawing and Deformation with Render Targets
Painting With Render Targets - Andre Allan, 41 min
Deforming Snow with Render Target - Andre Allan, 41 min, Fix for UE4's Landscape Tool, 22 min
Real-Time Render Target Painting Tutorial - DefaultSound, 19 min
UE4 - Blueprint Texture Painting - DefaultSound, 19 min
Making a Usable Whiteboard with Render Target and Line Trace - sHTiF, 18 min
Advanced Vertex Painting Techniques - tharlevfx, 20 min
Write Pixel via Blueprint to exact positions in Canvas RenderTarget Texture, UnrealSimon, 8 min
Reactive Dynamic Water - Marvel Master, 4 min, free project 4.20 download
Grass Collision Project - Marvel Master, 7 min, free project 4.20 download

Material Blending
Terrain Blending Setup - Olmo, UE forum, Polygoncount Forum
Material Blending - Victor A., Artstation blog, free Gumroad download
Blending Meshes With Landscapes or Other Meshes - MrTriPie, 8 min
Vertex Painting - Ryan Laley, 11 min
Vertex Painting - underscore, 18 min

Cel Shading, Low Poly
Hatching Shader Tutorial - Kamil Hepner, 68 min (2022)
Cross-Hatching material Post Process UE5 - Visual Tech Art, 13 min (2023)
Outline Stylized Material - Visual Tech Art, 23 min (2022), Part 1.5, 6 min (2023)
Cel Shading and Light Types - Visual Tech Art, 9 min (2022)
The Secrets of Low Poly Visuals - 80 Level, Blog
Toony Outlines - Dean Ashford, 28 min
Cel Shaded Materials - Strangely Named, 22 min
Toon Shader - underscore, 15 min (2018)
Three-Tone Toon Shader - underscore, 15 min (2020)

Glow Effects
Advanced Tron Material 1 - Liaret, 11 min
Transparent Back Culling - Dean Ashford, 18 min
Hologram Material - Dean Ashford, 22 min

Outline Highlight Effect
Outline Effect as Post Process – Tutorial and scenefile, Paweł Miniszewski blog
Outlines and Occlusion - Comprehensive tutorial (2017) showing different options, Rodrigo Villani, 41 min
Rendering Soft Outlines - Tom Looman, blog tutorial

Disintegration, Dissolve Effects
Dissolve Material - Dean Ashford, 16 min
Disintegration Effect - Sirhaian'Arts, 9 min, Final Result
Stealth Invisibility Effect With Distortion - Tech Art Aid, 17 min
Reveal Animation Effect - Portugese tutorial (use automatically translated subtitles), Rodrigo Villani, 62 min (2017)
Directional Fade Material in UE5 - Coreb Games, 62 min (2023)
Object Blending with Dither Fade, Pixel Depth Offset and Distance Fields - tharlevfx, 15 min (2019)

Steve's Advanced Materials
01 Using CrazyBump - Steve's Tutorials, 14 min
02 Tiling Textures Seamlessly - Steve's Tutorials, 3 min
03 Advanced Normals with Bump Offset/Parallax (using NDO) - Steve's Tutorials, 7 min
04 Emmisive Maps - Steve's Tutorials, 2 min
05 Using Colourmaps/IDmaps to Paint an Asset - Steve's Tutorials, 22 min
06 Using Ndo to Create Materials - Steve's Tutorials, 13 min
07 Creating Material Instances - Steve's Tutorials, 7 min
08 Using Alpha/Opacity Masks - Steve's Tutorials, 4 min
09 Two Sided Textures - Steve's Tutorials, 2 min
10 Setting up Wind on Leaves/Grass - Steve's Tutorials, 3 min
11 Using Material Elements - Steve's Tutorials, 7 min
12 Decals - Steve's Tutorials, 8 min
13 Animated Material Panner Node - Steve's Tutorials, 5 min
14 Simple Vertex Painting - Steve's Tutorials, 7 min
15 Making Simple Glass with Refraction - Steve's Tutorials, 4 min
16 Desaturation Node - Steve's Tutorials, 2 min
17 Cheap Contrast Node - Steve's Tutorials, 3 min
18 Making Metals - Steve's Tutorials, 11 min
19 Color Correcting and Manipulating Textures - Steve's Tutorials, 7 min
20 Apply Simple Dust, Dirt, Frost to Any Model - Steve's Tutorials, 17 min
21 Painting Puddles - Steve's Tutorials, 10 min
22 Advanced Glass - Steve's Tutorials, 7 min
23 Creating a Landscape Material - Steve's Tutorials, 4 min
24 Advanced Snow/Rain on Material (Pt.1) - Steve's Tutorials, 7 min
25 Advanced Snow/Rain on Material (Pt.2) - Steve's Tutorials, 8 min
26 Basic Custom Godrays/Light Shafts - Steve's Tutorials, 9 min
27 Tessellation Setup - Steve's Tutorials, 4 min
28 Subsurface Scattering - Steve's Tutorials, 3 min
29 Detailed Overlays - Steve's Tutorials, 8 min
30 Adding Grime/Dirt Using Decals - Steve's Tutorials, 7 min
31 Making Moving Spider Webs - Steve's Tutorials, 5 min
32 Vertex Painting Snow - Steve's Tutorials, 10 min
33 Frosted Glass - Steve's Tutorials, 10 min
35 Material Functions - Steve's Tutorials, 5 min
36 Depth Dependent Material Blend with Pixel Depth - Steve's Tutorials, 5 min
39 Making Simple Dynamic Clouds - Steve's Tutorials, 6 min
40 Glowing Flickering Material - Steve's Tutorials, 8 min
41 Depth Fade material - Steve's Tutorials, 5 min
42 Simple Lava Material - Steve's Tutorials, 11 min
43 Changing Material on Height - Steve's Tutorials, 6 min
44 Pixelated Retro Game - Steve's Tutorials, 4 min
45 Making Emmisive Materials Emit Light - Steve's Tutorials, 4 min

Post Processing Effects
GameBoy Post Process Effect in UE4 - Unreal Wiki
Stylized Rendering Post Processing - UE4 4.27 tutorial
How to Pixelize a Screen in UE4.26 - Coreb Games, 5 min (2021)
Controlling PostProcess Material - Underwater warping effect dependent on location in the scene, RATSGAME, 20 min

UE4 Assets
OceanProject - An Ocean Simulation project for UE4, GitHub download
Auto Terrain Cover V3 Quick create - Kevin Mitchell, download link, 23 min
Auto Terrain Cover V3 4.14 Release - Kevin Mitchell, 19 min
Auto Terrain Cover V3 Material Break down and Explanation - Kevin Mitchell, 19 min
Open Street Map Plugin for UE4 - Demo video, Mike Fricker, github
Spacescape - Free tool for creating space skyboxes with stars and nebulas, Alex Peterson

Texture Streaming Pool over budget - Guide for UE5 - VLRN Valerian, 5 min (2023)

UE4 C++
Creating UE4 C++ projects on MacOS - Step by step instructions, Jeff Broome, GitHub tutorial


Houdini Documentation -
Download Houdini - Including free Apprentice version,
Houdini Apprentice HD to Houdini Indie Converter - Convert non-commercial to limited-commercial assets, scene files and image files for use in Houdini Indie
Houdini Made Easy 01 - The Core Essentials - Hipflask, free tutorial series
Houdini for the New Artist - CGCircuit, free tutorial
Houdini Tutorials List - Spreadheet, - Houdini Official Forum - Houdini forum, helpful tips and solutions, great community
Cgwiki - Matt Estela, Lots of ideas, Blog
Working with Attributes in Houdini - Johnny Farmfield, blog
Expressions in filenames - blog
Procedural Modeling and Animation in Houdini - Rohan Dalvi, 36 min
bubble pins - Many beginner tutorials about effects, particles, boolean, fracturing, crowds, YouTube channel
Houdini Training - Gianvito Serra, YouTube channel
Short & Sweet 3D - Quick Houdini Tuts from Mikael Pettersén, Senior Crowd TD at ILM, YouTube channel
Indie-Pixel - Kenny Lammers, YouTube playlists with many game related procedural modeling tutorials
Houdini 123 - YouTube channel with many procedural modeling tutorials
Vaughan in 50 Seconds - YouTube playlist with short tutorials
Houdini Procedural Modeling / Animation Tips and Tricks - Deborah R. Fowler's tutorial website

Attributes and Groups
Attribute Transfer, Attribute Copy and ID Attributes - Handy Houdini Tips - Nine Between, 8 min (2022)
How to convert Attribute to Groups - Houdini 123, 1 min (2020)
Groups to Attribute - Houdini 123, 1 min (2020)
Understanding Attribute Promote and Houdini Polygroups or how to Split geometry by Color - Houdini 123, 19 min (2022)
Group Expression Node - Group tris, quads, ngons and much more - no coding needed - Houdini 123, 19 min (2022)
Group unsorted start and end curve points, curve point sort - Houdini 123, 16 min (2023)
Working with curvature (convexity and concavity) - Houdini 123, 7 min (2022)
Attribute Transfer Dissected - Matt Norris, blog (2020)

Advanced Setups, RnD - Blog with video tutorials
Houdini Blog - Simon Verstraete - Example videos and Hip’s, growing splines etc., blog
Johnny Farmfield - Solutions with scenefiles, Vimeo channel, Twitter
Houdini Tricks - Quicktips, tutorials, interviews, blog by motion designer & developer Erwin Santacruz
Houdini Tips and Tricks - Dienst nach Fortschritt, blog
Atoms Links - Links to Houdini solutions, Odforce forum thread
Daily hip - Solutions with scenefiles, Eetu, blog
Random notes Tutorial Tips and Tricks in Houdini - Nicola Gastaldi, Gasta, blog
Houdini Tips & Tricks - Kristian Jungk, blog
Sergey Golubev - YouTube channel with many tips and tech tutorials
SideFX Digital Learning Material - Google spreadsheet with links and descriptions

Scientific Visualization
UTS Data Arena Tutorials - Examples of data visualizations imported from csv in Houdini
Scientific Visualization in Houdini - NCSAatIllinois, 106 min

Houdini for Photogrammetry
New Photogrammetry Cleanup Technique - Games Workshop, Mai Ao, 35 min (2022)
Houdini & 3D / Surface Scanning Workflows - Houdini HIVE Paris, Paul Parneix, 25 min (2019)

Houdini Retopology Guide - Nine Between, 12 min
Voxel Mesh - SideFX Tutorials (2018)
Houdini Retopology Guide - Nine Between, 12 min
Mesh Sharpen - Side FX Labs, 3 min (2021)

Procedural Modeling
Basic Procedural Feather - Simon Verstraete, 22 min (2021)
Vellum Feather - John Kunz, Houdini Stream, 138 min (2020)
Simon Verstraete - Tutorials about procedural modeling, game assets, Artstation
Indie-Pixel - Kenny Lammers, tutorial list
Dokai - Tutorials about procedural modeling, game assets, tutorial list - Many tutorials about procedural modeling, game assets
City Building with OSM Data - SideFX tutorial
Procedural Rock Generation in Houdini - Steven Skidmore, breakdown, 80lv
Octopus Tentacle Modeling - Mehdi Salehi, 41 min
Houdini House Generation - Simon Houdini, 36 min
Procedural Modules in Houdini 16.5 - Ricardo Ponce, 29 min
Closest Prim Smooth Location - pro biner, 6 min
Procedural Holes - Konstantin Magnus, 6 min
Crack Creation Asset WIP - Saman Khorram, 4 min
Sweep Along a Curve Controled by a Ramp - Saman Khorram, YouTube playlist

Plants and L-Systems
Flower Projects - Paul Esteves, 32 min (2022)
Dead Rose - Timelapse with scene file, Vladyslav Lavrenov, 4 min (2019)
Animated Aloe - Tutorial by Vladyslav Lavrenov , 39 min (2019)
L-Systems for Producing Random Foliage Assets - Houdini, 29 min
Quick Tips Houdini L-Systems - Tyler Bay, CG Forge, 6 min
L-Systems Tutorial - houdinikitchen, 99 min
An Even Longer-Winded Guide to Instancing in Houdini - In-depth tutorial covering basics of transform matrices, orient, variant attributes, for loops, etc., Toadstorm Nerdblog

Copying, Instancing, For Loops
Orientation Attributes - Instancing Part 1 - Nine Between, 19 min (2023)
Instancing Variation and The Solaris Instancer - Instancing Part 2 - Nine Between, 25 min (2023)
Animated Instances using Solaris and Variants - Instancing Part 3 - Nine Between, 19 min (2023)
Compiled Blocks - Making faster tools in Houdini - Gatis Kurzemnieks, blog
Guide to Instancing in Houdini - Toadstorm, blog (2022)
Scattering Rocks in Houdini 18.5 - Emily Fung, SideFX, 29 min

Fix Mesh Intersections
Avoid Geometry-Intersections in For-Loops - HoudiniSimon, 12 min (2018)
Quick Tip Fix Mesh Intersection - Emīls Geršinskis - Ješinskis, 3 min (2022)
Collisions Removal While Keeping the Maximum Pieces - Marc Chevry, Artstation breakdown with free HDA file (2022)

Vellum Nodes - Houdini 18.5 tutorial series with Paul Esteves (2021)
How VELLUM Works & Useful Production Tricks - Christopher Rutledge, 32 min (2019)
Advanced Vellum Workflows - H17 Masterclass, John Lynch, 116 min (2019)

Vellum Grains
Vellum Grain Character Disintegration - John Kunz, 81 min (2020)

Vellum Cloth
Vellum Cloth Basics - Sara Rascon, Toronto Houdini User Group (THUG), 59 min

Vellum Balloon
Vellum Balloon Nodes - Paul Esteves, 6 min (2021)
Animated Pressure Example - SideFX documentation with annotated scene file

Knit - Mehdi Salehi, file, 1 min
Knit - Alican Görgeç, 9 sec
Chain Mail - Bullet test, Uniky, 1 min
RBD Chains - Richard Lord, 1 min

Terrain Heightfield Overview - Quickstart Tutorial, SideFX, 4 min
Houdini 16 Terrain Tools - Alex Dracott @ GDC 2017, 43 min
Green Mountains - Aaron Kamolz, SideFX tutorial
Houdini Heightfields to UE4 Landscapes - Doug Richardson, 43 min

Procedural Patterns Tutorial - Roman Pillai, 15 min
Tiling Pattern with Houdini - Junichiro Horikawa, e-book with 100 patterns, scene files download from GitHub

Geometry Transformation
Peel - Peter Quint, tutorial, 30 min
Boil - Simon Fiedler, 41 min
Melt - Melting Jiggly Mesh with Houdini FLIP, Sam Howell, 1 min

Voxelize - Houdini For MoGraph with scene file, Far Out Studio, 7 min (2022)
Brickify Tool - SideFX, user guide nodes, networks and assets, 88 min
Brickify - Lego Waterfall, 7 sec

Cell Division
Particle Replication Bacteria - Houdini For MoGraph with scene file, Far Out Studio, 8 min (2022)
Coding Cell Division - Tom Cowles, 3 min (2019)
Vellum Cell Replication Tutorial - Adrian Meyer (2019), Part 1, 53 min, Part 2, Part 3

Crystallize - Johnny Farmfield, 10 sec, file
Diffusion Limited Aggregation - aty84122, 1 min
Vein Branching - Johnny Farmfield
Differential Curve Growth - Richard Lord, blog, file
Differential Growth - Jan Fischer, 1 min, file
Growth Metal Structures - Panoply, R&D breakdown
Building an ivy growth solver - Simon Fiedler, 86 min
Simple Vein Growth - Houdini For MoGraph with scene file, Far Out Studio, 11 min (2022)
Spreading Growth Solver - Houdini For MoGraph with scene file, Far Out Studio, 6 min (2022)

Erode, Add, Subtract, Deform
Erode - Dave Stewart, 1 min, file
Cheesification - VDB Swiss Cheese, StrobFX, 8 min
Volume Noises - H19 Nodes, Paul Esteves, 7 min (2021)
Transferring Attribute and keeping it - Terranimator, 7 min (2019)

Intro to VFX - RBD Simulation, Debris (Particles), Dust, Scott Keating, 27 min
Fracture - Houdini Quickstart, 3 min
Fracture Detailed - Simon Fiedler, tutorial, 29 min
Dynamic Fracture - Krishna Bala, 20 min
Edge Displacement Shader - Lo_Fnatic, 21 min
Edge displacement on fractured pieces - Odforce forum thread
Slice - Artem Smirnov
Slicer - Simon Fiedler, tutorial, 46 min
Guided Simulations in Houdini - Short & Sweet 3D, 7 min
Live boolean - Fabricio Chamon, 14 min

Rigid Body Dynamics (RBD)
Kinetics - Houdini Motors and Constriants - Richard Lord, 1 min

Rigging Series - Series I (H16.5) and II (H18)
Biharmonic Capture KineFX Quickstart - SideFX Houdini, 5 min
KineFX Curve Solver VOP - Houdini, 13 min
Creating an Automatic Animation Rig - Marc Albrecht, Part 1, 33 min, Part 2, Part 3
Horse Rig Tutorials - Red Ring Entertainment, 48 min
Rigging and Muscles - Scott Keating, Houdini at SIGGRAPH 2017, 33 min
Muscles - Houdini 16 Masterclass, 27 min
Houdini rigging Capturing - Bjørn Blaabjerg Sørensen, 4 min
Rigging a character prop in Houdini - Rok Andic, 44 min
Mirroring Blend Shapes using VEX - Rok Andic, 10 min
Rigging a spherical eye in Houdini - Rok Andic, 11 min
Using VEX for character rigging - Rok Andic, 20 min
Anim and Rigging - Use Motion Capture Data - Kevin Ma, 21 min
Rigging Talk February 28 2019 - Delano Athias, playlist
Blend Shapes Tutorial - Berika Lobzhanidze, 4 min
Rigged Character - Export FBX to UE4, Saman Khorram, YouTube tutorial and download link
Retarget the CMU Motion Capture Database - Learn how to use Houdini’s KineFX character tools and a TOP network to retarget the Carnegie Mellon University Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database to match a rig of our choosing.

VEX blendshape for Ultimate Power - Matt Norris, blog
Creating Paintable Blendshapes - Mad Guru, 14 min
Blend Shapes Tutorial - Berika Lobzhanidze, 3 min (2017)

Point Deform
Making Soft Body Simulations using Vellum Cloth & Point Deform - edstudios, 11 min (2023)
Making Soft Body Simulations using Vellum Cloth & Point Deform - Entagma, 8 min (2020)

Morph Objects into Other Objects using VDB - Stormz, 13 min (2020)
Morph - Font Morph with VDB, Atom, 10 min
Fracture Morph - cmiVFX Particle Effects teaser, 5 min (2013)

Finite Element Method (FEM)
Soft - H15 Finite Elements, Go Procedural, 2 min
Explode - Exploding FEM RnD, Graham Matthew Collier, 1 min
Bend and Break - H13 Finite Elements Masterclass, Go Procedural, 73 min
Moving FEM Thing - Alvaro Moreira, 10 min, file
Soft Bouncing Jellies using Houdini FEM Solver - Junichiro Horikawa, 8 min, file

Folding Paper
Wrinkle - H16 - Guided Wrinkling RnD, Graham Matthew Collier, 1 min, file
Fold - Origami in Houdini, nika ragua, 13 min, file
Making Origami in Houdini part 1 - nika ragua, 7 min
Crumple - Filip Tarczewski, 3 min
Folding and Crumpling Adaptive Sheets - R. Narain, T. Pfaff, J. F. O'Brien. ACM SIGGRAPH 2013
Sidefx Forum Entry - Blog
Houdini Origami - locator single - Vlad Yudin, 7 min

Points, Particles
Tornado Using SOP Solver - VFX Magic, 13 min (2022)
Introduction to Particles - Steven Knipping, 111 min
Point Transformation - Rohan Dalvi tutorial, 22 min
Dissolve FX Using Particles - Saber Jlassi, YouTube playlist
Find closest Location on Geometry - Short & Sweet 3D, 5 min
Creating Vector Fields In Houdini for Unreal Engine - Gatis Kurzemnieks, blog

Hologram Effect
LIDAR - Danil Krivoruchko, 24 min (2015), file
Custom Raytracer for Hologram Effects - Matt Ebb, 26 min (2017), file

Pyro (new SOPS)
Pyro Exploration and Beginner Setup in Houdini 19 - Simon Verstraete, 17 min (2021)
Pyro Solver - H19 Nodes, Paul Esteves, 7 min (2021)
Volume Deform - H19 Nodes, Paul Esteves, 5 min (2021)

Pyro (DOPS)
Pyro FX - Purdue Polytechnic VFX, 106 min
Burn - Pyro Shape Settings, Vladimir Abramov, 2 min
Simulating and Shading Fire - Henry Medhurst, 23 min
Pyro FX - Billowy Smoke - Houdini Quick Start Tutorial, 5 min
Pyro Explosions Shader - 80lv, 19 min
Pyro FX Volcano - Go Procedural, 36 min
Vaporize - Introduction to volume simulation and rendering, Steven Knipping, 66 min
Custom Pyroclastic Solver - Alejandro Echeverry, 1 min
Pyro to Fluid Simulation - Tim van Helsdingen, 28 min

Fluids (new FLIP SOPS + Vellum)
Vellum fluid vs FLIP fluid - SideFX documentation
Vellum Fluids in Houdini 19 Starter Pack - Tutorial Series by Peter Quint, 28 min (2021)
Vellum Fluid - Houdini 19 nodes, Paul Esteves, 6 min (2021)
New Houdini 19.5 FLIP Sop Workflow - Entagma, 16 min (2022)
Fluid Nodes in Houdini 19.5 - Simon Verstraete, 28 min (2022)
Fixing Flickering Fluids - Tyler Bay Quick Tip, 6 min (2022)
Fixing Jittering Fluids - Tyler Bay Quick Tip, 9 min (2022)

Fluids (DOPS + POPS)
Path Based Liquid Flow - CG Artist Academy, 18 min (2020)
Simulate Paint Smearing - Entagma, 16 min (2021)
Melting Things using FLIP - Entagma, 23 min (2022)
FLIP Fluids in Houdini 16 - Go Procedural Masterclass, 60 min
Suction Fluid - Go Procedural, 6 min
Flat Tank, Houdini off the Shelf - Go Procedural, 19 min
Fluid - Water tree, Artur Durmishyan, 8 sec
Flip Fluid in Houdini 12 - Peter Quint, 20 min
Fluid Transform - Peter Quint, 36 min
Turning Objects into Water - Mix training, 18 min
Fluid Fill - Font filled with fluid, Atom, 16 min
Dissolving Liquid - cmiVFX Ink FX, teaser
Ocean Waves - Houdini off the shelf, 21 min

Viscous Fluids
Viscous - Pressure-driven viscosity and RBD interactions, Dave Stewart, 7 sec
Lava - BW Design, Tutorial I, 46 min, Tutorial II, 40 min
Lava Dancing - Graham Matthew Collier, 1 min

Fluids Post-Processing
Meshing Small Scale Flip Sims - Entagma, 25 min (2020)
Stick Textures To Fluids - Tim van Helsdingen, 20 min (2020)
Seamless UV on FLIP - Tim van Helsdingen, 29 min (2020)

Melt FX Using Smoke Solver - Saber Jlassi, YouTube playlist
Cigarette Smoke - Alessandro Pepe, Blog
H19 Nodes - Volume Deform - Paul Esteves, 5 min (2021)

Cloud Tools - Houdini off the shelf, 20 min
Quick VDB Clouds - Entagma, 14 min
Cloudscape - Pluralsight teaser, 1 min
Cloud Collsion Tutorial - FX Hive, 14 min, silent
Cloud Generation - Mats VFXSouth, 26 min
Cloud and Fog - Making Art in Houdini - Rohan Dalvi, 18 min

Creating procedural layered rocks in Houdini - Render Everything, 34 min

Sand, Snow
Dry Sand - Houdini Quickstart, 3 min
Introduction to POP grains (sand solver) - Rohan Dalvi, 47 min
Custom Sand Solver - Artem Smirnov, 3 min
Snow - H14 Position Based Dynamics, Graham Matthew Collier, file, 1 min

CHOPs, A Comprehensive Introduction - Socratica FX, 29 min (2023)

Motion Graphics
Text Lines - Houdini For MoGraph with scene file, Far Out Studio, 13 min (2022)
Tech Lines - Houdini For MoGraph with scene file, Far Out Studio, 8 min (2022)
Anime and Stylized FX - CG Spectrum College of Digital Art & Animation, 61 min (2021)

Audio Driven Animation
Motion FX - audio driven deformation - SideFX Quickstart, 5 min
HOUDINI - Audio Driven Animation - MIX Training, 22 min
The Sound Wave - Niels Prayer, 29 min
CHOPs for Music and Constraints - Guilherme Casagrandi and Fabricio Chamon, 87 min

Music Generation
Houdini Music Toolset - Introduction with GitHub link, Andrew Lowell, 2 min

Houdini Unwrapping Techniques - The Basics - Simon Verstraete, 9 min, (2023)
Morph to UV - Chetal Gazdar, 8 min, (2022)
UV Flatten - Rectify to Quads - What I Found, 10 min, (2022)
Simple Procedural UVs + Unwrapping a Swept Path - Going Procedural, 31 min, (2018)
Geometric Pattern using UV info - Chetal Gazdar, 9 min, (2022)

Textures and Baking
Houdini & Substance Designer - Simon Verstraete, 12 min, (2023)
Baking Texture & Masking Maps at Lightspeed - Paul Ambrosiussen at LAHUG, 36 min, (2020)
Getting geometry attributes in COP networks in Houdini - Gatis Kurzemnieks, 15 min, (2020)

Shading / Rendering / Karma
Shading Theory with Karma - CG Forge, tutorial series
HdBlackbird - USD/Hydra RenderDelegate plugin that adds support for the Blackbird renderer (a fork of the Blender Foundation's Cycles renderer) to any client
Procedural Texturing in Houdini using MaterialX - Rohan Dalvi, 23 min, 2022

Cel Shading
Custom Cartoon Shader - Konstantin Magnus, 9 min (2018)
Render Outlines in SOPs - Konstantin Magnus, 6 min (2022)
Houdini Gather Loop vop. How to make outlines for a toon shader - linus rosenqvist, 35 min (2023)
Normal Paint Tool - Kyle Lin, HDA with description (2023)

Houdini for Games
Vertex Animation Textures from SideFX Labs Tools to Unreal - Simon Verstraete SideFX tutorial series and example files (2021)
Games Learning Path - SideFX tutorial collection
Houdini Auto Game Res - Michael Pavlovich, YouTube playlist (2020)
Games Quickstart - Simon Verstraete, tutorial series, 59 min
Game Jam Starter Kit - Simon Verstraete, tutorial series and example files, 59 min
Lab Tools - The formerly named Game Dev Toolset, introduction site
Procedural Asset Creation Masterclass - Erwin Heyms, EHoudiniAcademy YouTube channel
The Secret Language of Houdini for Games - Robert Magee, 59 min
Houdini Game Dev Toolset - Michael Pavlovich, YouTube playlist
Houdini Curves To Unreal Engine 5 - Simon Verstraete, 12 min (2023)

Destruction for Games
Real-time destruction with Houdini and Unreal - Simon Verstraete, Tutorial I, 13 min, Tutorial II, 34 min (2021)
Pre-Baked Destruction in Unreal Engine - Houdini Tutorial - Simon Verstraete, 27 min (2021)
Houdini Auto Game Res - Michael Pavlovich, YouTube playlist (2020)

Games - Flowmaps
Flowmap Nodes Explained - SideFX Tutorials and example files (2017)
Labs Flowmap Tools - SideFX Artstation page
Flow Maps in Houdini for Unity or Unreal - 3DGO, 9 min (2020)
3 Tips for Flowmap Baking in Houdini - HoudiniSimon, 27 min (2018)

VEX, Expressions
Using VEX Expressions - SideFX documentation
HoudiniVex Tutorial - Matt Estela, cgwiki
Joy of Vex - Matt Estela, 20 days tutorial, cgwiki
Learning VEX via Animated Gifs - Odforce forum
Math in Houdini - Manipuating the range, hossamfx, 46 min
1 Minute VEX - Aaron Smith, blog
Daily hip - VEX quicktips, Ricardo Ponce, Particula, blog
1 Minute VEX - Aaron Smith, blog
Using arrays with VEX - David Pekarek, blog (2018)

VEX Snippets
VEX Snippets - lex.ikoon, Jiri Miratsky, blog
VEX Arrays and Matrices - lex.ikoon, Jiri Miratsky, blog
VEX Tutorial - Juraj Tomori, GitHub page
VEX For Artists - Kiryha, GitHub page
VEX Snippets - Kiryha, GitHub page
Python for Artists - Kiryha, GitHub page
VEX Wrangle Cheat Sheet - John Kunz, blog
Vex And Expressions Tips And Tricks - Andrea Sbabo, blog
VEX Wrangle Snippets - Ryoji CG Memo, blog
VEX Solutions - Particula - Ricardo Ponce, blog
VEX and Python Snippets - David Pekarek, blog
Handy Collection of VEX Fragments - Stanislav Yakymenko, blog
VEX Snippets - Chris Sprance, GitHub page
Wrangle Node Examples - Deborah R. Fowler, blog
VEX functions for procedural modeling - Konstantin Magnus, blog
VEX functions for procedural modeling - Konstantin Magnus, blog

Python in Houdini
Python in Houdini - Basic introduction with examples, vfxbrain, blog

Houdini Digital Assets (HDA's)
Tips and Tricks when working with Houdini Digital Assets - Indie-Pixel, 19 min
BSP To Building Houdini Engine for UE4 - Simon Verstraete, 25 min
Procedural Assets for UE4 - Robert Magee, GDC 2017 presentation, 21 min
HDAs and Houdini Engine - Jeff Wagner, Houdini Illume Webinar, 115 min

Plugins and Tools
MOPs Motion Operators for Houdini - Open source Houdini toolkit for motion designers and technical artists
HdCycles - USD/Hydra RenderDelegate plugin that adds support for Blender's Cycles renderer, GitHub project
Houdini Blueprints - Web viewer for Houdini files, currently doesn't work with latest Houdini files, update required (Sept 2023)

Math, Physics, Code, Expressions

Graphtoy - Tool for graphing and designing mathematical functions, by Inigo Quilez
Inigo Quilez Articles - Tutorials by Inigo Quilez
Math for Motion - Animated cheatsheet for creating organic motion effects with equations, by Justin Windle
Betterexplained - Math lessons that actually explain concepts
Numberphile - with Zvezdelina Stankova, YouTube playlist
Inigo Quilez - CG experiments, useful maths, coding tricks, shadertoys, website
Scratch - Ressources for professional development
Processing - Flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts
Nature of Code - Vectors, Forces, Physics Libraries, Neural Networks, etc. with Processing, ebook by Daniel Shiffman
Coding Rainbow - YouTube channel dedicated to fun and friendly creative coding tutorials by Daniel Shiffman
Freya Holmér - Videos on Tech Art, Math, Game Dev, YouTube channel
Introduction to Programming for the Visual Arts with p5-js - Free kadenze course
Worrydream - Thinking, visualizing, designing, Bret Victor, website
Making things with maths - Steven Wittens, Web Directions Code lecture, 54 min - Hackery, math and design, Steve Wittens, website
Doodling in Math - Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant, Vi Hart, YouTube channel
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics - by Simmy Sigma, YouTube channel
Introductory Physics With Python - by Rhett Allain, Website with interactive Python Shell
Wolfram Surfaces - Surfaces, formulas with pictures - Encyclopédie des Formes Mathématiques Remarquables, surfaces, formulas with pictures
Geo Gebra - 3D Graphing - Harvey Mudd College Department of Mathematics, surfaces, formulas with pictures
Paul Burke - Surfaces, curves, fractals, self similarity, formulas with pictures
Image-to-Image Demo - Interactive Image Translation with pix2pix-tensorflow, Christopher Hesse
ACMSIGGRAPH - Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) on SIGGRAPH, YouTube channel
Siggraph Conference Content - Conference papers, open access
SIGGRAPH 2017 papers - Conference papers, link page maintained by Ke-Sen Huang
Quaternions - Ben Eater, explorable video series
Remove Quaternions from every 3D Engine - Interactive Introduction to Rotors from Geometric Algebra, blog
The Book of Shaders - Fragment Shaders Guide by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo and Jen Lowe.
Mathematics in Houdini - Resources related to mathematics and its application to geometry creation and manipulation in Houdini, blog by Konstantin Magnus

Shadertoy - GLSL shaders thru WebGL, Inigo Quilez
Shadertoy Seascape - Fully-procedural sea surface computing, Alexander Alekseev (TDM) - WebGL Specifications, examples
Evan Wallace - WebGL examples

Lern Coding, Educational Games
Codemonkey - Teaches coding using CoffeeScript to build games in HTML5. Aimed at kids, fun for adults, too
CodinGame - Online games to learn more than 25 programming languages, including C++, Python, JavaScript
CodeCombat - Learn Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, aimed at teachers and students, but anyone can play
Code Wars - Training in challenges with others, about 20 languages, C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, ...
Ruby Warrior - If you want to learn Ruby
CheckIO and Empire of Code - Strategy games, JavaScript or Python
VIM Adventures - Learning Vim configurable text editor while playing a game.
Cyber Dojo - Challenges for dozens of coding languages including Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python
Elevator Saga - JavaScript challenges related to moving an elevator and transporting people most efficiently

Realtime Graphics Processing
vvvv - Multipurpose hybrid visual/textual development environment. Free for non-commercial use.
Derivative TouchDesigner - Node based visual programming language for real time interactive multimedia content.
An Introduction To TouchDesigner - Covers all the basic fundamentals of TouchDesigner 088.

After Effects

After Effects Tutorials - Adobe Help, pick the topic to watch a short video
Introduction to After Effects for Motion Designers - Pluralsight course
Principles of Composition for Motion Designers - Pluralsight course

Set Matte Effect in After Effects - Ae Blues, 13 min

Introduction to Animation Curves in AE - schoolofmotion, 38 min
Animating Follow-Through in AE - secondary motion layer, schoolofmotion, 21 min
Feel the power… of precomps - schoolofmotion, 42 min
Animating Shapes - MotionMile, 23 min
Make DNA Strand from Shape Layers - ECAbrams, 22 min
Layer Masks - fxchannelhouse, 8 min

Character Animation
Rig a 2D Character Puppet in AE - Lesson 1/4, Daniel Gies, 10 min, Lesson 2/4
Animate a Simple 2D Character Head Rotation in AE - Daniel Gies, 9 min
Character Animation with AE, Illustrator and Duik Plugin - Gigantic, 8 min, Duik plugin (free)

Shape Morphing - The precise way, schoolofmotion, 39 min

Text Animation
The Text Animation Tool - Quick intro - ECAbrams, 11 min
Understanding Text Animation Tool - How to animate letters, words and lines separately - schoolofmotion, 42 min

3D in After Effects
Make a 3D Scene from a Still - schoolofmotion, 42 min
Creating Depth in Landscapes - Rainy Robot Studios, 11 min
How to Use 3D Assets in Your AE Projects - schoolofmotion, 49 min

3D Camera Tracking 3D Tracking & Compositing Tutorial 1 - AE and C4D, Sean Frangella, 18 min
3D Tracking & Compositing Tutorial 2 - AE and C4D, Sean Frangella, 20 min

Paint Brush Effect
The Write-on Effect in AE - Creative Cow, 15 min
Paint Brush Transition in AE - Ian Killick, 6 min
Creating Reveals with the Eraser Tool - Lynda Wacom MasterClass, 7 min

How to Make and Use an Animatic - Draw with Jazza, 9 min
Animatic and Storyboarding in Photoshop - Erik van Schaaik, 4 min
How to Make an Animatic - Bloop Animation, blog with example animatics and video tutorial, 6 min
Creating a Shot for an Animatic with AE - Wobbe Koning, 12 min

Animated GIF
Create animated GIFs - Photoshop workflow, Adobe Help

Growing Vines and Leave - Trapcode Particular plugin, grow along spline, schoolofmotion, 43 min
Making Mograph in AE - Repetitive/cascading animation with expressions, schoolofmotion, 49 min
Quick Particles - Randomized circular particles with a dashed stroke using wiggle paths, Joe Clay, 5 min

Lens Flares
Advanced 3D Light Rays - No extra plugins needed, Video Copilot, 21 min
Custom Lens Flares - No extra plugins needed, Ch-Ch-Check It, 20 min

After Effects Audio to Keyframes / Scale - RDKtutorials, 5 min
After Effects Audio to Keyframes / Blur - ECAbrams, 10 min
Radial Audio Spectrum Tutorial - SymmetryTutorials, 12 min
After Effects Audio Motionscript - Dan Ebberts Expressioneering Design Guide, Blog
Syncing with the Sound Effector in R19 - Simon Russell, 48 min

AE Expressions
Intro to After Effects Expressions - schoolofmotion, 19 min
After Effects Motionscript - Dan Ebberts Expressioneering Design Guide, Blog
Animate With a Control Layer - ECAbrams, 13 min

Displacement Effect
Displacement Map Tutorial - TheMrMenagerie2, 8 min
Fake 3D using Displacement Maps - Vale Productions, 11 min

Noise Effects
Simple Smoke Circle with Roughen Edges - 3-Minute • Motion Graphics Tuts, 3 min
Fractal Noise and Roughen Edges Effects -, 8 min

Motion Graphics

Basic Tutorials
The Basics of Motion Design - General motion graphics introduction
Principles of Motion Design - Animation curves explained
From Paper to Screen - Typography introduction
Storytelling with Type in After Effects - Pluralsight course

Design Principles
Universal Principles of Design - William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler, Rockport Publishers, 2010, Ebook

Title Design Tutorials
The Art Of Film Title Design Throughout Cinema History - Blog, Dr. Calligari over Saul Bass to present
Pablo Ferro: A Career Retrospective, Part 1 - Blog with video, Art of the Title

Title Design Examples
Ocean's Eleven - 1960, Title Designer: Saul Bass
Vertigo - 1958, Title Designer: Saul Bass
The Good the Bad and the Ugly - 1966, Title Designer: Saul Bass
Thank you for smoking - 2005, Title Designer: Gareth Smith and Jenny Lee
Seven - Title Designer: Kyle Cooper
Fight Club – 1999, Title Creative Director: Kevin Tod Haug, Digital Domain, 2 min
Fight Club Ikea scene - 1 min
North by Northwest - 1959, Title Designer: Saul Bass, 2 min
Panic Room - 2002, Title Creative Director: William Lebeda, Picture Mill, 2 min
OFFF By Night 2016 - 2011, Mill+ Will Arnold, 4 min
Eva - 2011, Breakdown, blog with video, Art of the Title
Saul Bass: Famous title sequences from Preminger to Scorsese - Saul Bass compilation, 66 min

Bumpers Idents
Channel 4 Idents - Building blocks, compilation, 2 min
Channel 4 Idents - Perspective completion, compilation, 3 min
Sky 1, 2 & 3 Ident "Boxes" - Director Jon Yeo, Post MPC, 2008, 2 min
4seven Idents" - Channel 4, ManvsMachine, 2012 1 min
Nickelodeon Logo Idents" - ManvsMachine, 2010, 1 min

Movie Studios Logos
Universal Pictures Full Logo History - Compilation, 4 min
20th Century Fox Logo History - 1914-2015 Compilation, 7 min
Movie Studio Logos Collection - Compilation, 15 min

Inspiration, Motion Graphics Examples
Analog Motion Graphics Machine - The Scanimate, used to produce TV animations during the 1970s and 80s, Vice Motherboard
Motionographer - Source of inspiration and insight for designers, animators and storytellers, website
XBox Rare Replay Pre-Order Trailer - 2 min
Banque Populaire Entrepreneurs - Making Of - Matt Frodsham, 3 min
Strange Reactions - Shane Griffin, 1 min
MPC Sky Arts, Rebrand Idents - VFX Breakdown, 3 min
denial of service - Vimeo channel, 3D, experimental, glitches
Zeitguised - Vimeo channel, algorithmic, generative, synthetic art and design
MK12 Summer Reel | 2011 -, 1 min
YCN Showreel - James Houston, 1 min
Split - Cento Lodigiani, 2 min
Audio Geometry Exploration - Simon Russell, website
Movement Paris - "creative solutions, transformation & storytelling [...] we make complexity… simple."
Ash Thorp - Designer, creative director, SciFi UI designs, website
Psyop - Animation and design agency, website
Buck - Design-driven production company, website
Geometrikaraoke - Lorocrom, 2 min
Moderat - Bad Kingdom - 2.5D storytelling with drawings, director & production: Pfadfinderei, 5 min
unidisplay - Carsten Nicolai, video installation, graphic translations of time measurement, 6 min
Uni Acronym (feat. Anne-James Chaton)" by Alva Noto - Music video, 7 min
Pepsi Arabia - Hand in Hand, We Can - Making Of - Glassworks VFX, 2017, 2 min
Andreas Wannerstedt - 3D animation loops, website

Typography rules and terms that every designer must know - Brittany Leaning, blog
20 Typography Mistakes Every Beginner Makes - And How You Can Avoid Them - Janie Kliever, blog
Basics of Type (I) - Combining Typefaces (II) - Pulling It All Together (III) - Typography Crash Course,, Blog - By Matthew Butterick, comprehensive e-book
Typography rules and terms that every designer must know -, blog
Making Sense Of Type Classification (Part 1) - Joseph Alessio,, blog
Make use of grids for typographical layouts - Jo Gulliver, Computer Arts 09/2010, PDF
Creating Exciting And Unusual Visual Hierarchies - C. Knight, J. Glaser, blog
Beginners Guide to Opentype -, blog
Typography Introduction Lecture - BYU-Idaho Art Dept, 24 min
Five guidelines for picking and using fonts -, blog
Choosing and using a typeface - Digital Tutors, 8 min
Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles - Visual typographic feast about the five senses, no CG effects
Make It Title Design - Making of Adobe Make It conference titles using Voronoi Fracture, Tim Clapham, 50 min

The complex geometry of Islamic design - Eric Broug, TED-Ed, 5 min

Grid Systems - InDesign grid templates, use A4 Grid System (6) or (12)
Make use of grids for typographical layouts - Jo Gulliver, Computer Arts tutorial, PDF
Grid Systems Introduction - Bas Leurs, Slideshare
Designing to a grid - InDesign graphic design tutorial, Shawn Barry, 12 min
Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design - Design examples using grid systems and white space, Blog
Designing with Grids in InDesign -, 132 min

Kinetic Typography
Curiosity: Kinetic Typography - Student Design Awards Winner, The RSA, 1 min
Kinetic Typography Tutorial - Jesse Rosten, 22 min

Infographics, Explainer, Data Visualization
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods -, webpage
Positifs - Gilles Kergadallan / Superslick, 2 min
Knocked Up! | Lifetimes Series Launch - Cause + Effect, 1 min
Waiting For ‘Superman’ - Infographic, Jr.canest, 2 min
F5 ETHOS - Creative festival trailer, Vincent Diga, 3 min
F5 ETHOS - Client - Ad Dynamics, Oddfellows, 1 min
Paper Planes - Short movie about climate, impact, research, kayskhalil, 4 min
Temperature anomalies arranged by country from 1900 - 2016 - climatecentraldotorg, 1 min
The Forest - Sasha Milic, MA degree project in design, Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) Norway, 3 min
The best stats you've ever seen - Hans Rosling, TED talk, 20 min

Motion Graphics History
The Haunted Castle - George Melies, 1896, 4 min
A Trip to the Moon - George Melies, 1902, 13 min
Fantasmagorie - Emile Cohl, 1908, 2 min
Mechanical Doll - Max and Dave Fleischer, 1922, 8 min
Ballet mecanique - Fernand Leger, 1924, 12 min
Kreise (excerpt) - Oskar Fischinger, 1933-34
Composition in Blue (excerpt) - Oskar Fischinger, 1935
Glens Fall Sequence - Douglass Crockwell, 1937, 8 min
Dots - Norman McLaren, 1940
Neighbours - Norman McLaren, 1952, 8 min
Science Friction - Stan Vanderbeek, 1959, 2 min
Visual Velocity - The Work of Stan Vanderbeek, documentary, 2000, 27 min
Synchromy - Norman McLaren, 1971, 8 min
Monocodes - Alex Rutterford, 2000, 4 min
Autechre - Gantz Graf - Alex Rutterford, 2002, 4 min
Bacardi - Bass Bins - Alex Rutterford, 2007, 1 min
Vanishing Point - Takuya Hosogane, 2010, 2 min
Nokta - Onur Senturk, 2010, 2 min
La Historia de la Animación Abstracta - Marc Calvet Toro, video essay, 2012, 12 min

Computer Graphics History
compArt daDA - Database for Digital Art

Saul Bass- Advice to Design Students - 1 min


Film Technique and Terminology Intro - Scott Bradley, examples from Fellowship of the Ring, 16 min
Pixar’s Tribute to Cinema - Edited by Jorge Luengo Ruiz, 5 min
The Lego Batman, Spider-Man and Superman Movie - forrestfire101, 15 min
Cinematography of “The Incredibles” - Ron Doucet, blog
Every Frame a Painting - Video essays about film form by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou (2014-2016), YouTube channel
Developing a cutscene: From start to finish - Sarepta Studio, blog

Animation Dictionary
Khan Academy - Pixar in a Box

David Lynch on Where Great Ideas Come From - The Atlantic Video, 3 min
Where good ideas come from - Steven Johnson, TED talk, 19 min
Where good ideas come from - Steven Johnson, animated drawing, 4 min
How To Have Better Creative Thinking - Tony Buzan, Interview, 4 min
10 Creative Exercises - Dani Mansfield, blog
11 best ways to brainstorm creative ideas - Creative Bloq
Practical Creativity - GDC 2014 Talk, Raph Koster, 64 min

Ken Burns: On Story - Redglass Pictures, 6 min
George Saunders - On Story - Redglass Pictures, 7 min
George Saunders - On Story Extras - Relationship reader and writer, Redglass Pictures, 2 min
George Saunders - On Story Extras - Tricks of the writing process, Redglass Pictures, 2 min
Learn Three Storytelling Tricks From John Lasseter - Cartoon Brew, blog
Logline Examples - Norman Hollyn, PDF
Video Games Are Better Without Stories - Film, tv, and literature tell them better. Why are games obsessed with narrative? The Atlantic, blog

Cinematography and VR
Werner Herzog Talks Virtual Reality - New Yorker 12.1.2016, Interview
Close Range Aerial Filming - Skynamic & Alexa Demo Reel
Alejandro González Iñarritú presents Carne y Arena - LoftCinema, 4 min

"Previs" Directed by Daniel Gregoire & Jason Ragosta - The CGBros, 10 min
VFX of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Production pipeline, Weta Digital, 2 min
Pixar’s Animation Process
Production Stages - The Incredibles - Evolution of a shot from storyboard to final rendering
Halon - Previsualization company, website
The Third Floor - Previsualization company, website

Three Point Estimation - Wikipedia

Storyboard, Animatic
THE THING - storyboard to film comparison (Vashi Nedomansky, 5 min)
Vodafone ‘Surprise’ 2D Animatic (Adam Hodgson, 1 min)
Ant Man Animatic (CG Meetup, 1 min)
Pixar Animation - Toy Story Storyboarding and Pitch
Trouble Shooter’ Storyboard Pitch - Eric Goldberg pitches an unproduced 1947 Donald Duck storyboard
Avengers: Age Of Ultron Hulk vs Hulkbuster - 3D animatic example, Marvel, 8 min
"World War Z - Previs REEL" by Halon Entertainment - 3D animatic example, 6 min
3D Animation Pipeline with Previsualization - Bloop Tutorial, 7 min
Create a 2D Animatic from a Storyboard - Bloop Tutorial, 6 min
Creating a 3D Previsualization - Bloop Tutorial, 8 min
Digitaltutors - Animation Principles in Staging - Maya Tutorial, 27 min
Storyboarding with Blender - Bloop Tutorial, 4 min - web based storyboard creator, free up to 6 cells / 2 storyboards per week - C4D plugin and Previsualization tutorials, Matt Workman
Deleted Moana Scene - Gizmodo, blog
Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytelling - Ron Doucet, blog
Making 2D Side Scrolling Parallax Backgrounds in Blender - Team Miracles, 3 min

Beginning Graphic Design: Layout & Composition - GCFLearnFree, 6 min
Understanding Composition - Blender Guru, 31 min
Shirley: Visions of Reality - Edward Hopper paintings as film sequences, Yatzer, blog
10 Myths About the Rule of Thirds - Tavis Leaf Glover, Petapixel, blog

Sound Design For Visual Media - Sound on Sound, Blog
Exploring Noise - Kyoka, Ableton One Thing, 2 min

Cinematography and Camera
Cinematic Techniques Part1 (8min) Part2 (9 min) Part3 (10 min) - Different camera techniques
Cinematography Learn from a Master - Hugh Fenton Tutorial, 40 min
Pixar Storytelling — How the WALL-E Opening Scene Tells a Story Without Words - StudioBinder, 7 min
Directing Styles - YouTube playlist, StudioBinder

DSLR Filmmaking –
Philip Bloom’s DSLR video tutorials - Vimeo
Photography Mapped - DSLR Simulator

Cuts & Transitions 101 - Video Essay, RocketJump Film School, 14 min

Linear Perspective: Brunelleschi's Experiement - Khan Academy, 5 min
How one point linear perspective works - Khan Academy, 12 min
The Magic of Illusion: The Trinity-Masaccio - Art Babble, 8 min (stop at 2 min)
3D Joe & Max - 3D paintings, website

Light & Shadow - Emmy winning film from director Steve Weiss, 20 min
Visions of Light (1992) - Cameramen and women discuss the craft and art of cinematography
Goethe - Light Darkness and Colours (1998) - Documentary Based on Goethe's Theory of Colours, 52 min

Beginning Graphic Design: Color - GCFLearnFree, 7 min
Color Theory for Cinematographers - Introduction with examples from Ridley Scott’s Somalia, Blog
Color Theory Lecture - BYU-Idaho Art Dept, 30 min
Colour script - Pixar Examples, blog
Tips for working with colors in AE - Adobe Kuler, some color theory, schoolofmotion, 52 min
Warm and Cold - Visual essay with warm and cold lighting in movies, 2 min - color palettes used in memorable scenes from famous movies
Adobe Color Themes - also implemented in Photoshop at -> Windows -> Extensions -> Adobe Color Themes

Visual Effects
Pixels - Making of, CGsociety blog
Chemical Brothers, Wide Open - The Mill, Making of, FX Guide blog

Inspiring Movies
2001: A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick, 1968
Apocalypse Now - Francis Ford Coppola, 1979
Blade Runner - Ridley Scott, 1982
Blood Simple. - Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, 1984
Blow-Up - Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966
Bullitt - Peter Yates, 1968
Citizen Kane - Orson Welles, 1941
Dead Alive - Braindead (original title), Peter Jackson, 1992
Dog Days - Hundstage (original title), Ulrich Seidl, 2001
Dreams - Akira Kurosawa, Ishirô Honda, 1990
Drive (I) - Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011
Fahrenheit 451 - François Truffaut, 1966
Fight Club - David Fincher, 1999
Home (I) - Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 2009
In the Mood for Love - Kar-Wai Wong, 2000
Koyaanisqatsi - Godfrey Reggio, 1982
La Haine - Mathieu Kassovitz, 1995
Memento - Christopher Nolan, 2000
Mulholland Drive - David Lynch, 2001
Once Upon a Time in the West - Sergio Leone, 1968
Raging Bull - Martin Scorsese, 1980
Safe - Todd Haynes, 1995
Seven Samurai - Akira Kurosawa, 1954
Soylent Green - Richard Fleischer, 1973
Stalker - Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979
The Godfather - Francis Ford Coppola, 1972
The Ice Storm - Ang Lee, 1997
The Shawshank Redemption - Frank Darabont, 1994
Three Days of the Condor - Sydney Pollack, 1975


Become a millionair! - Trond E. Haveland, 4 min
It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - AC↯DC
You’ve got to find what you love - Commencement address by Steve Jobs on June 12, 2005 at Stanford University

Industry Specific
Careers In VFX - Escape Studios Webinar, 60 min
Hollywood's Greatest Trick - Insight into the VFX industry, video by Sohail Al-Jamea and Ali Rizvi, 24 min
100 things every game student should know - Kaye Elling, PDF
Polycount Wiki Game Industry - About how to get in, and how to manage your career

Art Specific
8 Artists Advice to the Young - Louisiana Channel, 9 min

General Tips
Beating Procrastination - Keano Raubun, Gamasutra article
Should I Work for Free? - Jessica Hische, flowchart
10 Artist Resume Tips - Michael Keith, blog
How to Write a Cover Letter, According to Great Artists -, Article
Cover Letter Tips - University of the Arts London, Video + Article
Landing That Job - Design Cinema, 63 min
Tips for Landing a Job with a AAA Game Developer - Gnomon School blog with example demo reels
The Animation Student’s Handbook – Introduction - Flippednormals blog with example demo reel
The Freelance Handbook - Computer Arts Book, PDF
Polycount Wiki Freelance - About what it's like to be a freelance game artist
Internships are for students - Jan Walter Parr,, blog
Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer? - 2016 GDC game career seminar session, 64 min
19 reasons why you're not getting a job in vfx, games or animation. - Article by Andrew McDonald, read also the comments

Portfolio / Reel
Polycount Wiki Portfolio - What to put in your portfolio, and how to present your art
Online Portfolio Tips - Design Cinema, 111 min
Reel Review with Jr.Canest and Mr.Rigley - Learn Squared, 85 min
Alex Rutterford - Demo reel, 2015, 1 min
Akira Endo - Showreel, 2013, 2 min
Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer 2018 - Advice from Industry Artists, GDC, 62 min
How to Make a Killer Reel and Get a Job at a Studio - Panel Discussion, Houdini HIVE Education 11/2020, 28 min

How to Make a Blogsite - Blog - Free webhosting with SQL database

Tumblr, Selected Portfolio Themes
All Free Tumblr Themes
Indy Theme
Illustfolio Theme
Two Theme
Rewind Theme
Neat Theme
Minimal Theme
Espied Theme

Wordpress, Selected Portfolio Themes
All Free Wordpress Themes
Sketch Theme
Visual Theme
Canard Theme
Blask Theme
Pictorico Theme
Blogum Theme
Truly Minimal Theme
Afterlight Theme

Job Portal Sites
Motionographer Jobs - Portal with recent job descriptions
CGsociety Jobs
Nerdeo - Portal to connect indie film or game producer with artists
Polycount Company Job Boards - Job sites for game artists

Jobs Local - Freelancer database
Jobs in the Norwegian Games Industry - Google Sheet
Digipilot - Game Company, Mosjøen, Oslo
Gimpville - VFX and animation studio, Oslo
Qvisten - Animation studio, Oslo (Application Form)
Storm Studios - VFX studio, Oslo
Nordic - Office of Architecture, Oslo
Fuglefjellet - Film and Graphics, Giske
Embark Studios - Game, Stockholm

Grants Local
NBK/ - Grants and support schemes for Norwegian visual artists

Jobs Global
Base - VFX, Beijing, China
Disney Animation
Double Negative
Jonathan Post - Commercials VFX, Sao Paulo Brazil
Lucasfilm - Lucasfilm Animation, ILM, San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver, London
Magicleap - VR, robotics, visualization, software, computing, user experience, US, Israel, New Zealand
Method Studios
Puppetworks - Character Animation and VFX, Budapest, Hungary
Rewind - Creative agency and digital production studio, VR, London
Rise FX - VFX, Berlin
Territory Studio
The Mill - VFX, Interactive, Commercials, London, NY, Los Angeles, Chicago
Trixter - VFX, Berlin, Munich, Los Angeles
Weta Digital - VFX, NZ

Festivals, Opportunities
Sundance New Frontier 2016 Festival - Immersive cinema, VR installations, documentary and narrative mobile VR experiences
Transmediale - Berlin-based festival between art, culture and technology
Ars Electronica - Linz (Austria) based Festival related to art, technology and society

The Rookies - Annual awards and mentor platform for film, animation, games, VR, motion graphics and 3d visualisation, sponsored by Autodesk

Stugan - two months non-profit accelerator program in Sweden, helping new teams and individuals to realise game ideas
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