Anima Vectorias

Angela Bulloch

Previsualizing Angela Bulloch’s exhibition at the MAAT in Lisbon.


MAAT Lisbon



My Contribution

  • 3D Modeling
  • Previsualisation
  • Gamification
  • Motion Capture

About the Project

Development of a tool for previsualizing the exhibition Anima Vectorias of the Canadian British artist Angela Bulloch at the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in Lisbon.

Projection test with the artist at the exhibition venue in April 2019.

Aim of the Interactive Tool

  • Support the dialogue between artist, curators and technicians.
  • Visualise spatial constellations in relation to human scale.
  • Preview the functionality of interactive elements.
  • Move and exchange assets during gameplay.
  • Experience 16 channel spatial audio.
  • Use recorded gameplay videos for projection in the actual exhibition.

Game prototype of the exhibition Anima Vectorias with overlaid artist sketch, screencast from Unreal Engine.

Video Content Production

For video screenings inside the actual exhibition space several videos were produced in close coordination with Angela Bulloch. Outer & Inner Space is a black & white video generated from facial motion capture sequences rendered with a 3D LIDAR and a 2D dot matrix effect.

3D LIDAR effect test with facial motion capture sequence.

3D Character Development

For all videos actresses were scanned with a photogrammetry rig (60 cameras). The raw mesh was cleaned, retopologized and textured.
Photos left to right:

3D Scanning at Voxelwerk Berlin, raw photogrammetry scan, cleaned mesh in ZBrush.


Motion Capture and Retargeting

For the video Action Girl the same actress performed sequences in a motion capture studio for retargeting to the scanned 3D character. The final video was rendered in Unreal Engine.

Exhibition Walkthrough

Model Exhibition Experience is a gameplay recording from the previsualisation game with a custom scanned female player character. The video was screened on a rack of eight CRT studio monitors in the exhibition space.

More Information About Anima Vectorias

Link to Gallery Esther Schippers with Exhibition Views.