Projection Mapping

Prolog Room

Porcelain Worlds

Video content for the exhibition Porcelain Worlds.

3D previsualization of the projection for the Prolog Room.


Stiftung Leuchtenburg



My Contribution

  • Visual Development
  • 3D Modeling
  • Previsualization
  • Animation
  • Projection Mapping

About the Project

Visual Development, production and projection mapping of a multichannel video installation in the Prolog Room within the permanent exhibition Porcelain Worlds on Leuchtenburg Castle in Kahla (Thuringia).

Visual development of the animation sequence in 3D space.

Shader development for the projections.

Animated projection mapping for the Prolog Room in the exhibition Porcelain Worlds on Leuchtenburg castle.

Raw installation with cut out projection shapes.

Mask adjustment for projection mapping at the exhibition venue.

Installation view with projection mapping, Prolog Room at Porcelain Worlds on Leuchtenburg Castle. Photo: