Carsten Höller

Previsualization of kinetic installations at Botín Centre, Santander, Spain for Studio Carsten Höller.

Previsualization of Carsten Höller’s installation Platform (2016).


Fundación Botín, Santander



My Contribution

  • 3D Modeling
  • Previsualisation

About the Project

Three years before the monographic exhibition of Carsten Höller at Botín Centre Santander (Spain) in 2017 several previsualizations of mainly kinetic installations were developed for Studio Carsten Höller. The aim of the renderings and videos was to support the dialogue between artist and curators as well as helping to plan the exhibition space.

Functional sketch and previsualization of Carsten Höller’s installation Seven Sliding Doors Corridor.

Previsualization with map overlay of Carsten Höller’s 7.8Hz, an intervention on the lighting system of the public park surrounding Centro Botín.

More Information About the Exhibition Y

Link to Centro Botín with Exhibition Views.