Procedural Modeling


Knowledge Sharing

Learning videos created for the Game School.

Neuron Structure 9:23

In this Houdini modeling tutorial you will learn how to
– use the voronoi fracture node to generate spline structures
– build ad hoc groups with attributes,
– apply noise to deform geometry,
– use a simple for loop to create uv’s procedurally.

Houdini Procedural Pottery I 9:22

This is the first part of a beginner tutorial series about procedural modeling in Houdini 19.5. You will learn how to
– procedurally build up geometry,
– utilise the geometry spreadsheet to control attributes,
– deform geometry with a noise function,
– use an attribute ramp to control the deformation.

Base Shapes for Game Effects I 10:37

In this first part of the tutorial I will demonstrate how to model simple base shapes in Houdini 19.5 for creating animated material effects in Unreal Engine. The meshes are exported as .obj files, so this workflow is possible also with the free Apprentice version.

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